American Indian Communities in Minnesota - Upper Sioux Community

American Indian Communities in Minnesota
Upper Sioux Community

Reservation Area: 746 acres

Tribal Land: 746 acres

Tribal Enrollment: 321 (1995)

Community: Near Granite Falls (tribal headquarters)

Number of Residents: 362 (1995)


In 1935, the Secretary of the Interior purchased lands for the reservation. Additional acres were purchased by the tribe in 1995.


Type of Government: Representative government through the Upper Sioux Board of Trustees. This is composed of five staggered-term elected positions: tribal chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer, and member at large.

Election Process: Those not living on the reservation may vote by absentee ballot.

Employment (1995)

Labor Force: 97

Unemployment: 8%

Economic Development

Tribal Businesses: Farming, casino, smokeshop and day care facility.

Other Businesses: Upper Sioux Community Carpentry Crew

School Attendance

Reservation children attend school at the Granite Falls/Clarkfield Public

School System.

Granite Falls/Clarkfield Enrollment

(1997-1998): 94

Health Care (1994)

Contract Health Users: 280


Number: 1 - Firefly Creek Casino, Granite Falls

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