American Indian Communities in Minnesota - Red Lake Band

American Indian Communities in Minnesota
Red Lake Band

Reservation Area: 825,654 acres

Tribal Land: 825,654 acres

Tribal Enrollment: 8,039 (1995)

Communities: Red Lake (tribal headquarters), Redby, Ponemah and

Little Rock.

Number of Residents: 8,111 (1995)


The Red Lake people have lived in the area since the early 1700s. The reservation was reserved by the Band in 1889. They were successful in resisting the allotment process that affected other reservations, and all land has remained within the responsibility of the tribe. The area includes land surrounding Upper and Lower Red Lake, near Lake of the Woods, as well as scattered sites in between the two areas. The Band is independent of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe.


Type of Government: Representative government through the 11-member Red Lake Council. The chairman, secretary and treasurer are elected at large. The other council members are representatives of the four reservation districts. Tribal members residing in these districts elect two council members as representatives.

Election Process: The enrolled adult tribal members elect council members. Those not living on the reservation may vote by absentee ballot.

Employment (1995)

Labor Force: 2,588

Unemployment: 36%

Economic Development

Tribal Businesses: Red Lake Indian Sawmill, Wild Rice production, Red Lake Fishing Industry, Red Lake Builders, Casinos, Chippewa Trading Post, Red Lake Shopping Center,

Red Lake Housing Finance Corp., Red Lake Chippewa Cedar Fence Plant, Red Lake Pre-Fab Housing Plant

School Attendance

Red Lake Public School District

Enrollment (1997-1998): 1,306

Health Care (1994)

Number of Clinics: 1

Number of Doctors: 4.5 (FTE)


Number: 3 - Red Lake Casino, Red Lake; River Road Casino, Thief River Falls; and Lake of the Woods Casino, Warroad

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