Research Report  
Senate Counsel & Research
State of Minnesota

American Indian
Communities in

Prepared by
Senate Counsel & Research
December 22, 1998

This report was developed by the staff of Senate Counsel & Research and was edited by Gregory C. Knopff. Staff who contributed to the report are: Tom Bottern, David Giel, Patrick McCormack, Daniel Mueller, Jack Paulson, Kathy Pontius, Jo Anne Zoff Sellner, Christopher Turner, Maja Weidmann, and Joan White. Special recognition is due to Laura McLain, research assistant, who conducted extensive research on the American Indian bands and communities in Minnesota. Maureen Fedor prepared the manuscript.

The staff who contributed to the report would like to thank Scott Strand, Deputy Counsel, Office of the Attorney General; Larry Kitto, Management and Public Affairs Consultants; and Robert E. Goff, President, Goff and Howard, Inc. All three provided valuable comments on an earlier draft of the report, many of which have been incorporated in this report.

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