American Indian Communities in Minnesota - Bois Forte (Nett Lake) Band

American Indian Communities in Minnesota
Bois Forte (Nett Lake) Band

Reservation Area: 105,284 acres

Tribal Land: 30,035 acres

Allotted: 11,744 acres

Tribal Enrollment: 2,561 (1995)

Communities: Nett Lake (tribal headquarters), Vermillion and Deer Creek.

Number of Residents: 2,162 (1995)


The Bois Forte people originally lived in Canada and were involved with the fur trade. The reservation was established by a treaty in 1866 with an original size of 103,863 acres. Further establishment of the reservation took place through an Executive Order on December 30, 1881. The Bois Forte Band is a part of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe.


Type of Government: Five-

member representative elected committee, serving four-year staggered terms.

Election Process: Members are elected by enrolled tribal members. Those not living on the reservation may vote by absentee ballot.

Employment (1995)

Labor Force: 1,147

Unemployment: 38%

Economic Development

Tribal Businesses: Casino, Bois Fort Sawmill, Multi-Service Center

Other Businesses: Bois Forte
Reservation Forestry Program,
Chippewa Construction Company, Voyager Trucking Company, Strong's Wild Rice, Summertime Painting and Sign

School Attendance

Nett Lake School District

Enrollment (1997-1998): 110

Health Care (1994)

Number of Clinics: 1

Number of Doctors: 1.2 (FTE -Full Time Equivalent)


Number: 1 - Fortune Bay Casino, Tower

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