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S.F. No. 910 - MN.IT Reforms - The Second Engrossment
Author: Senator Mary Kiffmeyer
Prepared By: Stephanie James, Senate Counsel (651/296-0103)
Date: April 2, 2019


Article 1 - Reforms

Section 1 [Responsibility for Information Technology Services and Equipment] limits the scope of responsibility for the chief information officer.  This section removes certain items from a list of goods and services the chief information officer is responsible for providing to agencies, and moves those items to a list of items the chief information officer provides to agencies at the request of an agency. 

Section 2 [Consultation Required] limits the requirement that agencies consult with the Office of MN.IT Services (MN.IT) about project cost to those projects that an agency has selected the division to perform. 

Section 3 [Electronic Government Services] changes a requirement to a permission that agencies use a single entry site created by the chief information officer for online government services.

Section 4 [Reimbursements] moves the deadline for MN.IT to provide agencies with rates to be charged for the revolving fund.

Section 5 [Program Participation] eliminates authority of the chief information officer to require state agencies to participate in the planning and implementation of the network to provide interconnective technologies.

Section 6 [Rates] requires MN.IT to provide invoices or statements that clearly describe their services.  Requires MN.IT to categorize or code services in a manner prescribed by the agency, or provide information in supplement to the invoice or statement that categorizes or codes services in a manner prescribed by the agency.

Section 7 [Commissioner Approval] precludes MN.IT from implementing a new information technology business software application or new business software application functionality that significantly impacts the operations of an agency until approved by the commissioner of that agency. This requirement does not apply to routine upgrades or changes primarily intended to comply with federal law, rules, or functionality.

Section 8 [Consolidation of Information Technology for Human Services Under MN.IT] requires that MN.IT take responsibility for information technology for the Department of Human Services by January 1, 2020, and requires the transfer to start immediately. Requires a report to the legislature on the status of the transfer.

Section 9 [Draft Legislation from MN.IT] requires MN.IT to submit draft legislation to the legislature to address certain recommendations for updating MN.IT’s statutes in the 2019 evaluation report of the Legislative Auditor.

Article 2 – Legislative Commission on Information Technology

Section 1 [Legislative Commission on Information Technology] establishes a new Legislative Commission on Information Technology.

Subdivision 1 [Membership] specifies the membership of the commission to include four senators and four members of the house of representatives.

Subdivision 2 [Terms; vacancies] establishes a two-year term for members of the commission and describes how vacancies are filled.

Subdivision 3 [Duties] establishes duties for the commission. The duties include preparing draft legislation and other plans or advice to implement recommendations of the Legislative Auditor in its 2019 evaluation report on MN.IT.

Subdivision 4 [Chair] provides for election of a chair for a two-year term, alternating between members from the senate and the house of representatives.

Subdivision 5 [Meetings] requires the commission to meet three times a year and makes a meeting of the commission subject to the legislative open meetings law, with permission to close a meeting to safeguard the state’s information technology.

Subdivision 6 [Administration] requires the Legislative Coordinating Commission to provide administrative services.

Subdivision 7 [Sunsets] sunsets the information technology commission on January 30, 2028.


Section 2  [First Appointments and First Meeting of the Legislative Commission on Information Technology]

Subdivision 1 [First appointments] sets a deadline for the first appointments to the commission.

Subdivision 2 [First meeting] sets a deadline and process for convening the first meeting of the commission.

Subdivision 3 [Meetings in 2019] requires the commission to meet twice in 2019, rather than three times, as will be required in following years.

Article 3 - Legislative Auditor

Section 1 [Evaluation topics] adds information technology and the delivery of information technology services from MN.IT to agencies to the topics that the legislative audit commission shall consider for evaluation by the Legislative Auditor.

Section 2 [Appropriation] appropriates an unspecified amount for the Legislative Auditor to increase its capabilities for the evaluation of information technology projects and the delivery of information technology services from MN.IT to agencies.


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