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S.F. No. 1834 - Behavioral health home services governing provisions modifications
Author: Senator Carla J. Nelson
Prepared By: Patrick Hauswald, Senate Counsel (651/296-5079)
Date: March 19, 2019


S.F. No. 1834 establishes behavioral health home models to serve individuals with a mental illness or an emotional disturbance.

Section 1 (256B.0757, subdivision 1) makes a technical conforming change.

Section 2 (256B.0757, subdivision 2) authorizes the commissioner of human services to develop health home models for individuals with a mental illness or an emotional disturbance, in accordance with federal law.

Section 3 (256B.0757, subdivision 4) makes a technical conforming change.

Section 4 (256B.0757, subdivision 5) directs the commissioner to develop a single, statewide reimbursement rate for the behavioral health home services.

Section 5 (256B.0757, subdivision 9) establishes the criteria to discharge an individual from a behavioral health home. An individual may be discharged if the provider cannot locate the individual for more than three months, or if the individual refuses to receive services. The provider must offer an in-person meeting with the individual and the individual’s supports to discuss the options available to the individual, which include continuing behavioral health home services.

Section 6 (256B.0757, subdivision 10) lists the requirements for behavioral health home services providers to follow, including enrollment as a Minnesota Health Care Programs provider, provision of services covered by medical assistance, use of electronic records and registry, and implementation of immediate needs assessments, 60-day health and wellness assessments, and 90-day health action plans.

Section 7 (256B.0757, subdivision 11) lists behavior health home service provider training requirements, which include training on evidence-based service practices, culturally responsive services, and practice transformation activities to support providing integrated services.

Section 8 (256B.0757, subdivision 12) lists the qualification requirements for behavioral health home service staff, which permit use of community health workers, peer support and recovery specialists, or community paramedics in certain situations.

Section 9 (256B.0757, subdivision 13) establishes the standards for behavioral health home service delivery, which include use of a team-based model of care, evidence-based practices tailored to each individual’s background and needs, person-centered planning practices, delivery of services in locations and settings that meet each individual’s needs, a central point of contact, provision of wellness and prevention education, health coaching, connection to support services, and a continuous quality improvement process. For individuals with a managed care plan, the provider must notify the designated contact that the individual has begun receiving services, and must follow the managed care plan. Prior to terminating services, the provider must give 60 days of notice and refer all individuals receiving services to a new provider.

Section 10 (256B.0757, subdivision 14) establishes the process for the commissioner of human services to grant a variance to the provider, training, staff, or services standard requirements for a behavioral health home program, if such a variance would relieve a hardship, is in the public interest, and would not decrease the level of services provided.

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