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S.F. No. 1987 - DNR Policy Changes Related to Recreational vehicles, invasive species, game and fish law, natural resources training certification and fees authorization
Author: Senator Carrie Ruud
Prepared By: Ben Stanley, Senate Counsel (651/296-4793)
Date: March 18, 2019


Section 1 [Conforming Change] Technical change related to the removal of the ban on snorkel devices for ATVs in section 5.

Section 2 [Snowmobile Safety Instructor Fee Recovery] authorizes snowmobile safety instructors to recover fees paid for online training courses on behalf of trainees.

Section 3 [Online ATV Training Program for Youth] requires DNR to establish a voluntary all-terrain vehicle online training program for youth aged six to ten and a parent or guardian.

Section 4 [ATV Safety Certificate Eligibility Clarification] clarifies that only youth aged ten or older may receive an ATV safety education and training certificate.

Section 5 [Repeal of Ban on ATV Snorkels] Repeals the ban on operating an ATV with a snorkeling device.

Section 6 [Harvesting of Gizzard Shad] Reenacts expired statutory language that authorized harvesting from certain waters of gizzard shad by cast net for noncommercial personal use as bait for angling under a permit. Adds the Minnesota River downstream of Granite Falls to the list of those waters.

Section 7 [Use of Commercial Fishing Equipment in Infested Waters] expands the types of infested waters in which commercial fishing equipment must be tagged. Allows removal of tags by DNR only if equipment has been decontaminated in accordance with DNR protocol.

Sections 8 & 9 [Zebra Mussel Pilot Studies Changes] repeal statutory language that limits to certain access sites two pilot studies related to the reintroduction of equipment with zebra mussels attached into Gull Lake and Cross Lake.

Section 10 [Wildland Firefighters] corrects the inadvertent application of certain statutory requirements related to firefighter training and education requirements to wildland firefighters.

Section 11 [Production of Fish and Game Laws Summary] repeals requirement that DNR produce enough copies of its summary of the hunting and fishing laws and rules for each person that obtains a hunting, fishing, or trapping license.

Section 12 [Sale of Certain Separate Selection Elk Licenses] authorizes recipients of an elk license under the separate selection for owners of, or tenants on, at least 160 acres of agricultural or grazing land to sell those licenses for no more than it cost the recipient.

Section 13 [Consideration of Unsuccessful Elk License Applicants] requires elk license applicants who fail to obtain an elk license through the mandatory separate selection for repeat unsuccessful applicants to be included in the selection for the remaining available licenses.

Sections 14 & 16 [Hunting by Persons with Physical Disabilities] facilitates a person with a permanent physical disability obtaining a firearms hunting license authorizing the person to hunt when assisted by a parent, guardian, or other adult person.

Section 15 [Exceptions; Use of Spotlight] defines “handheld light” for purposes of exceptions to the prohibition on using an artificial light to locate or take wild animals.

Section 17 [Gizzard Shad Cast Net Requirements] Reenacts expired statutory language that governed the use of cast nets for taking of gizzard shad for use as bait for angling.

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