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S.F. No. 1551 - Soil Loss
Author: Senator Bill Weber
Prepared By: Greg Knopff, Senate Analyst (651/296-9399)
Date: March 11, 2019


Section 1 [Soil loss limits; applicability] clarifies that soil loss limits statutes only apply in areas that have adopted ordinances for soil loss limits.

Section 2 [Buffers affected by soil loss] establishes a process for a landowner to submit a complaint to the county or watershed district and to the Board of Water and Soil Resources when soil loss from the land of another affects the landowner’s buffer or alternative practice. The process is based on the complaint process used when a local ordinance is in place for soil loss limits. The county or watershed district submits the complaint to the local soil and water conservation district for a report. If the report finds that the soil loss from another is affecting the buffer, a plan must be developed to implement conservation practices. If the landowner causing the soil loss affecting the buffer or alternative practice and the county or watershed district cannot agree on a plan, the county attorney may petition the district court for a hearing and have the disagreement resolved by the court. The landowner causing the soil loss affecting the buffer or alternative practice is eligible to receive cost-share to implement the conservation practices.

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