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S.F. No. 1654 - Southwest LRT Vibration Impact on Calhoun Isles Properties
Author: Senator D. Scott Dibble
Prepared By: Alexis C. Stangl, Senate Counsel (651/296-4397)
Date: March 4, 2019


Section 1. Metropolitan Council and Calhoun Isles Condominium Association facilitated meeting. The Office of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution must facilitate a series of meetings between the Metropolitan Council (“Council”) and the Calhoun Isles Condominium Association to discuss issues related to vibration impacts to the Calhoun Isles property in Minneapolis due to Southwest light rail transit project construction activities and operations. The purpose of the meetings is to agree on how to avoid damage to the properties due to vibrations from the project.

Section 2. Vibration susceptibility study on Calhoun Isles property. The Council must contract with an engineering group to conduct a vibration susceptibility study on the Calhoun Isles property. The Council must pay for the study.

Section 3. Metropolitan Council Reimbursement to Calhoun Isles Condominium Association. By July 1, 2019, the Council must pay $250,000 to the Calhoun Isles Condominium Association for reimbursement of the association’s engineering and legal costs. The Council must absorb the costs within the Southwest light rail project budget.


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