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S.F. No. 239 - Manufactured Home Parks
Author: Senator Justin D. Eichorn
Prepared By: Greg Knopff, Senate Analyst (651/296-9399)
Date: March 1, 2019


Section 1 [Manufactured home installer license fees] reduce the license fee for manufactured home installers to $180 from $300.

Section 2 [Definition] defines “modular home” for the purposes of the manufactured home park law as single-family dwellings that are substantially manufactured or constructed at an off-site location with final on-site assembly and attached to a permanent foundation site.

Section 3 [Placement of modular homes] provides that modular homes may be placed in manufactured home parks and classified as a manufactured home with prior approval of a manufactured home park owner and is subject to all rights, obligations, and duties of a manufactured home under state law.

Section 4 [Manufactured home installer license] modifies the licensing fee provisions for manufactured home installers to be consistent with other fee provisions.

Section 5 [Manufactured home park closing; neutral third party] provides that a qualified neutral third party for the purposes of manufactured home park closings must be familiar with manufactured housing and the closing provisions of Minnesota law.  The neutral third party must keep a detailed accounting of all payments from the manufactured home trust fund and provide the information to the manufactured park owner, the municipality, and the Housing Finance Agency.

Section 6 [Manufactured home park closing; right of first refusal] requires manufactured homeowners who are making an offer to meet the cash price for the manufactured home park to covenant and warrant that the land will be continued as a manufactured home park for at least six years after sale.

Section 7 [Manufactured home relocation trust fund] increases the minimum balance amount in the manufactured home relocation trust fund to trigger an assessment on manufactured homes to $3 million from $1 million.  This section also waives the annual assessment for any manufactured home park owner who has not received an assessment from the Commissioner of Management and Budget by August 30.

Section 8 [Relocation expenses; report] requires the neutral third party to process reimbursement payments within 14 days; increases the maximum amount that may be deducted for demolition and removal of a manufactured home to $3,000 from $1,000 when a manufactured home owner tenders title to the home in lieu of moving; moves the date required for the manufactured home relocation trust fund annual report to October 15 each year; and provides additional information on the annual manufactured home relocation trust fund annual report.

Section 9 [Reporting on manufactured home parks] requires the Department of Health and delegated local authorities to annually report to the Department of Management and Budget with the names, addresses, and other data on manufactured home parks licensed by the department or local authority.

Section 10 [Advances to the manufactured home relocation trust fund] allows for advances of up to $400,000 from state appropriations to the manufactured home relocation trust fund, if the balance in the fund is insufficient to pay all claims.  All advances would be reimbursed.

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