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S.F. No. 998 - Establishing a Process for Hiring Private Consultants (with A-2 Amendment)
Author: Senator Mark W. Koran
Prepared By: Joan White, Senate Counsel (651/296-3814)
Date: March 1, 2019


Section 1 (471.462, subd. 1) requires a city or town that is planning to hire professional consulting services to assist with the review of applications for a permit, license, or other approval relating to new development or construction, the cost of which will be paid by the applicant, to at least every other year, initiate a request for qualifications from consultants. The request must require respondents to identify relevant qualifications and an estimate of fees.

Subdivision 2 requires the city or town to provide to the applicant a written estimate of fees to be charged by the consultant, upon receipt of a complete application with the appropriate application fee.  The city or town may condition the review of the permit or license on the applicant’s written acceptance of the estimated fees.  Before the city or town commences review of the permit, license, or other approval requiring the use of a consultant, it may condition the review on the applicant’s written acceptance of the consultant’s estimated fees.

Subdivision 3 provides that if the city or town and the applicant are unable to agree on the consultant’s review authority or associated fees, the applicant may request review by a city council or town board at a regularly scheduled meeting.

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