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S.F. No. 238 - Pupil transportation adjustment calculation modification (1st Engrossment)
Author: Senator Karin Housley
Prepared By: Stephanie James, Senate Counsel (651/296-0103)
Date: February 27, 2019


Section 1 [Pupil Transportation Adjustment] modifies the calculation of a school district’s transportation sparsity revenue for districts in which the transportation costs exceed the revenues attributable to transportation.

Section 2 [Pupil Transportation Working Group] establishes a working group on pupil transportation.

Subdivision 1 [Duties] specifies the duties of the working group and specifies topics the group must consider.

Subdivision 2 [Members] specifies the membership of the working group.  Fourteen members are appointed by the respective executive directors of specified groups. Five members are appointed by the commissioner of education to represent specified backgrounds.

Subdivision 3 [Meetings] requires the commissioner of education to convene the first meeting of the working group by July 15, 2019, and requires the group to select a chair and cochair at its first meeting. Requires the group to meet periodically and for the meetings to be open to the public.

Subdivision 4 [Compensation] precludes per diem and expense reimbursement for the working group members.

Subdivision 5 [Administrative support] requires the commissioner of education to provide assistance and meeting space to the working group.

 Subdivision 6 [Report] requires the working group to submit a report to the legislature by January 15, 2020. Encourages the legislature to convene a legislative study group to review the working group’s recommendations and a ten-year strategic plan to develop legislative changes.

Subdivision 7 [Expiration] expires the working group on January 16, 2020, unless extended by law.

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