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S.F. No. 297 - Green Roof Advisory Task Force Establishment (1st Engrossment)
Author: Senator Kari Dziedzic
Prepared By: Carlon D. Fontaine, Senate Counsel (651/296-4395)
Date: March 1, 2019


Section 1 [Green Roof Advisory Task Force; report] Subdivision 1 [Definition] provides a definition of a "green roof."

Subdivision 2 [Membership], paragraph (a) specifies membership of the Green Roof Advisory Task Force consisting of:  (1) the state building official or a designee; (2) a representative of the Building Owners and Managers Association Greater Minneapolis; (3) up to three representatives from Minnesota companies with extensive experience installing green roofs, appointed by the commissioner of the Pollution Control Agency; (4) a co-chair of the Committee on the Environment of the American Institute of Architects Minnesota or a designee; (5) a horticultural expert from the University of Minnesota Extension; (6) a representative of the University of Minnesota Center for Sustainable Building Research; (7) a representative of the Minnesota Solar Energy Industries Association; (8) a representative from the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association; (9) a representative of the Minnesota State Building Trades Council; (10) the commissioner of commerce or a designee; and (11) other members as appointed by the advisory task force.

Paragraph (b) provides that members of the task force are not compensated for task force activities. Requires the Department of Commerce to serve as staff to the advisory task force.

Subdivision 3 [Duties] requires the advisory task force to review and evaluate laws relating to green roofs; estimates of the effects of operating green roofs on energy use in buildings and any associated reductions in the emission of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants, roof replacement costs, and storm water management costs; and  any other relevant information.

Subdivision 4 [Report] requires the task force to submit a report by March 1, 2020, containing the task force's findings and recommendations, including discussion of the benefits and problems associated with requiring buildings of a certain type and size to install green roofs.

Subdivision 5 [Sunset] sunsets the advisory task force on April 1, 2020.

Section 2 [Appropriation] appropriates $55,000 in fiscal year 2020 from the renewable development account to the commissioner of commerce to complete the report required under section 1.



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