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S.F. No. 583 - Temporary license suspensions and background checks for certain health-related professions modification (1st Engrossment)
Author: Senator Mark Johnson
Prepared By: Katie Cavanor, Senate Counsel (651/296-3801)
Date: February 19, 2019


Section 1 (214.075, subdivision 1) specifies that the following individuals must submit to a criminal background check: (1) applicants for initial licensure or licensure by endorsement; (2) applicants seeking reinstatement or relicensure if more than one year has elapsed since the applicant’s license or registration expiration date; or (3) licensees applying for eligibility to participate in an interstate licensure compact.  Specifies that an applicant’s criminal background check results are valid for one year from the date the results were received by the board.

Section 2 (214.075, subdivision 4) removes the 90-day time period for an applicant to submit fingerprints.

Section 3 (214.075, subdivision 5) modifies the reference to the results of the criminal background checks from criminal justice information checks to criminal history records check.

Section 4 (214.075, subdivision 6) permits the licensing board to require an alternative method of criminal history checks for an applicant or licensee who has submitted at least two sets of fingerprints that are unreadable by the BCA or FBI. (Currently, three sets of unreadable prints must have been sent).

Section 5 (214.077) clarifies that in a contested care hearing regarding a temporary license suspension if an administrative law judge’s report and recommendation is for action, the board is required to issue a final order within 60 days of receipt of an administrative law judge’s report and recommendations, and if a final order is not issued within that time the temporary suspension shall be lifted.

Section 6 (214.10, subdivision 8) specifies that boards shall not exchange criminal history information with other states.

Section 7 repeals section 214.075, subdivision 8 (requiring a plan to develop criminal background checks for current licensures by January 1, 2017).  

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