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S.F. No. 912 - MnPASS Lanes Modifications
Author: Senator Scott J. Newman
Prepared By: Alexis C. Stangl, Senate Counsel (651/296-4397)
Date: February 18, 2019


S.F. No. 912 makes several modifications to the statute on MnPASS lanes and dynamic shoulder lanes.  In order to use these lanes without a fee, a vehicle must have three or more people in the vehicle.  Also, all MnPASS lanes are required to use the generated revenue in the same manner. The order in which revenue is spent is modified.

Section 1.  Fees authorized.  Low-occupancy vehicles may pay a fee to use MnPASS lanes.

Section 2.  Deposit of revenues; appropriations.  Revenue from MnPASS lanes must be spent in the corridor where it was collected and must be spent as follows:  first, to repay the trunk highway fund or other funds for money spent to install, equip, or modify the corridor; second, to pay all the costs of implementing an administering the fee collection system; third, for transportation capital improvements; fourth, for maintenance of the corridor; and fifth, any remaining funds are transferred to the Metropolitan Council for expansion and improvement of bus transit services in the corridor.

Section 3.  Prohibition.  A person may only operate a low-occupancy vehicle in a MnPASS lane if the driver complies with the requirements of the statute.

Section 4.  Dynamic shoulder lanes.  A low-occupancy vehicle may use a dynamic shoulder lane if it pays a fee to do so.

Section 5.  Low-occupancy vehicle.  A “low-occupancy vehicle” is defined as a vehicle with an occupancy of one or two individuals.

Section 6.  Request for information for operation of MnPASS lanes. The commissioner of transportation is required to issue a request for information to obtain advice from vendors regarding the feasibility of using a private entity to operate and administer MnPASS lanes. The commissioner must report to the legislature on the results of the request for information.

Section 7.  Repealer.  Minnesota Statute, section 160.93, subdivision 2a, is repealed. This subdivision specifies how MnPASS lane revenue for the I-35W corridor is spent.  By repealing this section, all MnPASS lane revenue will be spent as provided in section 2.  Section 160.93, subd. 3, is also repealed. This subdivision exempted the commissioner from rulemaking requirements.



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