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S.F. No. 631 - Marriage and family therapists provisions modifications
Author: Senator Michelle R. Benson
Prepared By: Katie Cavanor, Senate Counsel (651/296-3801)
Date: February 12, 2019


S.F. 631 makes a number of technical changes to the board of marriage and family therapy chapter. Currently a number of the sections in chapter 148B that involve the board of marriage and family therapy are outdated, redundant, inaccurate, and vague and in some cases incorrect. S.F. 631 attempts to clean up these sections in order to make the chapter clearer, accurate, and user friendly. S.F. 631 does not substantively change any of the sections involving the board of marriage and family therapy. The sections are either being moved or reworded. The repealed sections have been moved or determined to be redundant and no longer needed.

Sections 1 and 2 (148B.29) combine the two definition sections for the board of Marriage and family therapy (BMFT) into one definition section. 

Sections 3 to 6 correct the section references to the sections that involve that BMFT.

Section 7 is the repealed section 148B.12.

Section 8 adds to this section, section 148B.175 subd.6.  Otherwise no change.

Section 9 moves the repealed section 148B.14 to section 148.37 subd.1b.

Section 10 moves the repealed section 148B.175 subdivisions 1to 5 and subdivisions 7 to 11 to this new section. (Subdivision 6 is added in section 8).

Section 11 is the repealed section 148B.09.

Sections 12 and 13 correct the section references to the sections for the BMFT.

Section 14 is the repealed section 148B.07.

Section 15 is the repealed section 148B.08.

Section 16 is the repealed section 148B.10.

Section 17 corrects the section references for the BMFT.

Section 18 this is a new section that is simply recreating the current duty to warn (section 148B.1751) that cites the board of psychology duty to warn section and creates this new section by reinstating the board of psychology section and updating it to refer to the MFTs. No substantive changes are made in this section or to the MFTs’ current duty to warn.

Section 19 is the repealed section 148B.17.

Section 20 repeals the following sections: 148B.01 (definitions); 148B.03 (moved); 148B.04 (not necessary here since contained in chapter 214 or chapter 13); 148B.05 (not necessary here since contained in chapter 214); 148B.06 (board uses section 270C.02 which does the same thing so section not needed); 148B.07 (moved); 148B.08 (moved); 148B.09 (moved); 148B.10 (moved); 148B.11 (moved); 148B.12 (moved); 148B.13 (not necessary here since in section 214.072); 148B.14 (moved);  148B.15 (not necessary here since covered in sections 214.10 and 214.103; 148B.17 (moved) and 148B.1751 (reworded).


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