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S.F. No. 177 - School Safety Assessment Teams Requirement and Appropriation
Author: Senator Karla Bigham
Prepared By: Jenna Hofer, Senate Fiscal Analyst (651/296-5259)
Date: February 7, 2019


Section 1.  School Safety Assessment.  Requires a school board to establish a school safety assessment team and to conduct school safety assessments.

Subd. 1.  School Safety Assessment.  Provides a definition for school safety assessments.

Subd. 2.  Policy.  Requires a school board to adopt a safety assessment policy and establish a safety assessment team, consistent with the school board’s crisis management policy and guidance provided by the School Safety Center. Outlines requirements the school board must incorporate into the safety assessment policy.

 Subd. 3.  Oversight.  Requires a district superintendent to task a committee or individual with oversight of the safety assessment team. Clarifies an existing school board committee may provide oversight.

Subd. 4.  Safety Assessment Teams.  Provides that members of a safety assessment team include, to the extent practicable, school officials with expertise in counseling, school administration, students with disabilities, and law enforcement.  Clarifies that a safety assessment team may serve more than one school. Outlines the responsibilities of the safety assessment team which include providing guidance to staff and students on identifying and reporting threats, determining when a student poses a threat, implementing the school board’s safety assessment policy, and reporting summary data on the team’s activities.  Provides procedures for a safety assessment team to follow upon determining a student poses a safety threat to self or others.  Clarifies that the section does not prevent a district official or employee from acting immediately to address an imminent threat.

Subd. 5.  Redisclosure.  Prohibits a safety assessment team member from redisclosing any of an individual’s records that were disclosed to the safety assessment team. Allows records to be disclosed for purposes of health, mental health, and safety emergencies in compliance with state and federal law.

Effective Date. Effective for the 2020-2021 school year and later.


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