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S.F. No. 3168 - State lands lease security requirements, surplus land sales through online auctions, state parks and forests additions and deletion (Second Engrossment)
Author: Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen
Prepared By: Ben Stanley, Senate Counsel (651/296-4793)
Date: April 9, 2018


Section 1 [Security for lease of state forest land] authorizes DNR to require a security deposit or other form of security to ensure that improvements and personal property are not left on state forest land when a lease of that expires. Current law already allows the DNR to require a performance bond for this purpose.

Section 2 [Security for lease of unsold land] authorizes DNR to require a performance bond, security deposit, or other form of security to ensure that improvements and personal property are not left on unsold state lands when a lease of that land expires.

Section 3 [Lease of Tax-Forfeited and State Lands] Authorizes the commissioner of natural resources to enter a 30-year lease of land administered by the commissioner for recreational trails and facilities.

Section 4 [Online sales of surplus state-owned land] authorizes DNR to conduct sales of surplus state-owned land through online auction.

Section 5 [Pillager Tax-Forfeited Land Conveyance] amends a previous law conveying tax-forfeited land to the City of Pillager by adding an additional parcel to the conveyance.

Section 6 [Orrock Road Easements] Expands a previously authorized road easement conveyed to Orrock Township (Sherburne County) over state land within the Sand Dunes State Forest to include additional existing roads maintained by the township.

Section 7 [Additions to state parks] adds additional land to the statutory boundaries of Frontenac State Park (Goodhue County), Minneopa State Park (Blue Earth County), and St. Croix State Park (Pine County).

Section 8 [Deletions from state parks] removes a portion of land from St. Croix Park (Pine County).

Section 9 [Additions to state forests] adds additional land to Badoura State Forest (Hubbard County) and Snake River State Forest (Kanabec County).

Section 10 [Private Sale of Surplus State Land; Chisago County] Authorizes the DNR to sell a one-acre parcel in Chisago County outside of the statutory boundary of Wild River State Park to an adjacent landowner. This parcel was included in a 2017 DNR acquisition of other land that is within the park boundary.

Section 11 [Private Sale of Surplus State Land; Mahnomen County] Authorizes DNR to sell a 40-acre parcel of surplus land in Mahnomen County at market value to the White Earth Band of Chippewa.

Section 12 [Grant of Easement to Township; Otter Tail County] Allows DNR to convey an easement across state land to Pelican Township in Otter Tail County. DNR plans to build a new water access site on Lake Lizzie that will require a segment of township road to be vacated. The easement across state land will reroute and replace the vacated township road segment.

Section 13 [Public Sale of Surplus State Land Bordering Public Water; Rice County] Authorizes DNR to sell by public sale a 2.4-acre parcel of land bordering Cedar Lake in Rice County. This parcel was acquired in 1996 along with an island that became the Whitney Island Scientific and Natural Area. The sale parcel is not part of the SNA.

Section 14 [Private Sale of Surplus State Land; St. Louis County] Authorizes the DNR to sell 3.3 acres of land to Breitung Township in St. Louis County at no cost. These lands were removed from the boundary of Lake Vermilion-Soudan Underground Mine State Park in 2013.

Section 15 [Sale of Lands to the State; St. Louis County] Authorizes Breitung Township in St. Louis County to sell the DNR one-acre of land within the Lake Vermilion-Soudan Underground State Park boundary at no cost.

Section 16 [Private Sale of Tax-Forfeited Land; St. Louis County] Authorizes the private sale of certain tax-forfeited land in St. Louis County.

Section 17 [Repealer] repeals a 2008 deletion of land from Jay Cooke State Park (Carlton County).

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