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S.F. No. 3431 - Wells and Borings
Author: Senator Rich Draheim
Prepared By: Katie Cavanor, Senate Counsel (651/296-3801)
Date: March 27, 2018


SF 3431 modifies the notification, licensure, and exemption provisions governing wells and borings by including temporary borings.

Section 1 (103I.005, subd. 2) modifies the definition of "boring" to include temporary borings.

Section 2 (103I.005, subd. 17a) adds a definition of a temporary boring.

Section 3 (103I.205, subd. 1) changes environmental well to a temporary boring and states that notification is not required before construction of a temporary boring.

Section 4 (103I.205, subd. 4) permits a person to construct, repair, and seal a temporary boring if the person is a professional engineer, a hydrologist or hydrogeologist, a professional geoscientist, or a geologist that meets the qualifications established by the Commissioner of Health.

Section 5 (103I.208, subd. 1) extends the well sealing fee of $75 to each boring, except that a single $75 fee for all temporary borings recorded on the sealing notification for a single property sealed within 72 hours of start of construction and exempts temporary environmental borings less than 25 feet in depth from the notification and fee requirements of this chapter.  Also specifies that there is no fee required for construction of a temporary boring.

Section 6 (103I.235, subd. 3) states that section 103I.235 (disclosure of location of wells at property sale) does not apply to temporary borings or unsuccessful wells that have been sealed by a licensed contractor in compliance with chapter 103I.

Section 7 (103I.301, subd. 3) requires the owner of the property where a temporary boring is located to have the temporary boring sealed within 72 hours after the start of the construction of the temporary boring and requires the owner to have a well contractor, limited well/boring sealing contractor, or an environmental well contractor seal the temporary boring.

Section 8 (103I.301, subd. 6) states that a person may not seal a boring until a notification of the proposed sealing is filed as prescribed by the commissioner and exempts from the notification  requirements of chapter 103I  temporary borings that are less than 25 feet in depth.

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