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S.F. No. 2352 - Minnesota High School League (A-2 Delete-All Amendment)
Author: Senator Paul T. Anderson
Prepared By: Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis (651/296-4791)
Date: February 26, 2018



In April 2017, the Office of the Legislative Auditor released an evaluation report on the Minnesota High School League.  S.F. 2352 implements the recommendations requiring legislation.

Section 1.  Eligibility Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures.

Subdivision 1. Public input and access to proposed eligibility bylaws, policies, and procedures. (a) Lowers the threshold from 100 to 25 for parents to request a public hearing conducted by an administrative law judge on proposed eligibility bylaws, policies, and procedures.

(b) Directs the league to:

  1. maintain a public docket on the league’s Web site that includes historical and proposed changes in eligibility bylaws, policies, and procedures;
  2. post notice and final versions of all proposed changes to eligibility policies, procedures, and definitions to the league’s Web site;
  3. include publication dates on all versions of the league’s official handbook or other advisory documents regarding league eligibility bylaws, policies, procedures, and definitions; and
  4. reconcile and remove duplicate eligibility policies and procedures.

Subdivision 2.  Eligibility review. (a) Directs the league to establish a process for student eligibility review. Requires the league to:

  1. publish general criteria by which an appeal may qualify for a review by the league's eligibility committee;

  2. publish general criteria by which a review may qualify for further review by an independent hearing officer;

  3. indicate the conditions, timelines, and procedures for administering any review; and

  4. provide specific reasons for denying the request for review.

(b) States eligibility review process does not create a property right or liberty interest in extracurricular varsity competition.

Section 2.  League information review and report; commissioner recommendations.

Subdivision 1.  Annually.  Directs the league to conduct an annual review of league bylaws, procedures, policies, and definitions for compliance with the Department of Education programs and applicable state and federal law and explain recent and proposed changes to eligibility bylaws, policies, and procedures.  Directs the league to submit written copies of the review to the Commissioner of Education and the chairs and ranking minority members of the legislative committees with jurisdiction over kindergarten through grade 12 education.

Section 3.  Repealer.  Repeals section 128C.02, subdivision 6.  (Annual Report).


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