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S.F. No. 4 - Summary for Special Session Corrections Bill - The Author's Amendment (First Special Session - 2017)
Author: Senator Warren Limmer
Prepared By: Thomas S. Bottern, Senate Counsel (651/296-3810)
Date: May 25, 2017


This amendment contains corrections to omnibus budget bills enacted in the regular and special session that have been approved through a process requiring approval of the House and Senate authors of the underlying omnibus budget bill and Senate and House leadership.

Section 1. [Review] clarifies that petitions appealing certain environmental review final decisions (the need for an environmental assessment worksheet (EAW), the need for an environmental impact statement (EIS), or the adequacy of an EIS) are to be served within 30 days of the "final" decision of the responsible government unit.

Sections 2 and 3. [Business and Community Development.] amends the Jobs Omnibus bill (S.F. No. 1456) to move the Destination Medical Center rider language from the General Support Services section to the Business and Community Development section. 

Section 4. [Places of Public Accomodation Subject to Code.] amends the Jobs Omnibus bill (S.F. No. 1456) to clarify the definition of “places of public accommodation.”

Section 6. [Low-Income Housing] amends the Jobs Omnibus bill (S.F. No. 1456) to rename “projects” as “programs.”

Section 7. [High Pressure Pipefitting Contractor License.] amends the definition in existing law to clarify that the license described is a “master high pressure pipefitting competency license.”

 Section 8. [Revisor’s Instruction.] amends the 2017 Department of Labor and Industry housekeeping bill to correct usage of “journeymans” so that it reads “journeymen.”

Section 9. [Ecological and Water Resources.] This section provides broader spending authority for the DNR for purposes of grants to the University of Minnesota's Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center by notwithstanding the statutory provisions of the heritage enhancement account (which states that money in the account "may be spent only on activities that improve, enhance, or protect fish and wildlife resources, including conservation, restoration, and enhancement of land, water, and other natural resources of the state"). This has been done for other appropriations from that account.

Sections 10 and 11 [Riparian Aid.] These sections amend the special session Environment and Tax bills to allow the riparian aid appropriations to be used by BWSR in fiscal year 2018 in the event that a county or watershed district did not assume jurisdiction by removing a provision that required the FY 2018 money to be paid only to counties.

Section 12. [Special Education; Regular.] amends the special session K12 bill. In that bill, the total special education appropriation in article 4, section 12, subdivision 2, is correct. However, the K12 bill splits the appropriation into two parts – the ten percent "cleanup" payment owed for the previous year, and the 90 percent payment for the current year. For both the FY18 and the FY19 appropriations, the payment splits for the current year are inadvertently missing the trailing three zeros. Further, a spreadsheet calculation error misstated the amount of the “cleanup” payment for the FY19 appropriation and the current year payment for the FY19 appropriation.

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