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H.F. No. 778 - Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA) Appointments and Duties Modifications and Stadium Suites Use Restriction - Second Unofficial Engrossment
Author: Senator Julie A. Rosen
Prepared By: Stephanie James, Senate Counsel (651/296-0103)
Date: March 28, 2017


Section 1 [Public data] makes data regarding persons receiving free or discounted admission, tickets, or other gifts from publicly owned and operated convention facilities, civic center authorities, or the Minnesota Sports Facility Authority public data, with certain exceptions.

Section 2 [Stadium space] defines “stadium space.”

Section 3 [Membership] requires senate confirmation of governor and mayoral appointments. Permits removal of members by the appointing authority for cause, and states that cause includes violation of the employee code of ethics. 

Section 4 [Compensation] limits the compensation for the chair.

Section 5 [Chair] requires the authority members to elect a chair every two years.

Section 6 [Audit] permits the legislative auditor to conduct examinations of the authority’s finances, budgets, expenditures, revenues, and operation and may examine the authority’s use of stadium space by members, staff, family, friends, charitable organizations, and vendors.

Section 7 [Executive director; employees] limits the compensation for the executive director. Requires the authority to conduct an annual employee evaluation of the executive director that must be reviewed and approved by the entire board.

Section 8 [Budget; report] requires the authority to submit its budget to the commissioner of management and budget and to the legislature.

Section 9 [Web site] adds items that the authority is required to post on its Web site.  The added items include each annual budget, each use agreement, each management agreement, each sponsorship agreement, meeting minutes, and its policies and procedures. This requirement does not apply to data classified as not public.

Section 10 [Legislative report] modifies the authority's legislative reporting requirements to add information required and to add the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Sports Facilities to other legislators who receive the report.

Section 11 [Use of stadium space by authority members] precludes use of stadium space by authority members except for a legitimate business purpose. Legitimate business purposes include participating in a marketing effort arranged by the authority’s marketing vendor, conducting oversight, and making the space available to charitable organizations.

Section 12 [Use of stadium space by staff members] precludes use of stadium space by the staff members of the authority. The executive director may only use the space for a legitimate business purpose that is approved by a vote of the authority at a public meeting.   Other staff may only use stadium space with a written assignment of duties by the executive director. This section precludes staff from receiving free food, beverages, or parking unless necessary to complete assigned duties.

Section 13 [Use of stadium space by family and friends of authority members] precludes the authority from granting access to stadium space to family or friends of the members or staff unless for a legitimate business purpose and with approval of the authority at a public meeting.  Being a prospective user of the stadium is a legitimate business purpose.

Section 14 [Use of stadium space by marketing vendor] sets requirements for use of stadium space by a marketing vendor for purposes of marketing the stadium, and sets requirements for reporting on that use.

Section 15 [Report on stadium space use by authority members, staff, and vendors] requires the authority to report annually to the governor, mayor of Minneapolis, and the legislature about the use of stadium space by authority members, staff, family, friends, charitable organizations, vendors, or guests.

Section 16 [Open market purchase] specifies that authority members, staff, friends, and family from attending events, renting room, or using suites if the person has purchased a ticket or rented space on the open market through the same channels and for the same prices as are available to the public.

Section 17 [Code of conduct] requires the authority to adopt and comply with a code of conduct issued by Minnesota Management and Budget. Specifies how the statutory code of conduct applies to the authority and makes use of, or preferential access to, stadium space a “gift” for purposes of the statutory employee code of conduct.

Section 18 [Legislative Auditor Review of Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority Management Structure] requests the legislative auditor to review the management structure of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and make recommendations to the legislature to improve the management structure.

Section 19 [Recovery] requires the authority to recover the fair market value of any food, parking, tickets, and access to stadium suites provided prior to January 1, 2017, unless those benefits were in the public interest. Requires the authority to report on recovery efforts to the commissioner of management and budget and to the legislature monthly until full recovery is completed.

Section 20 [Transfer of Suite] requires the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Sports Facilities to report to the legislature by February 1, 2018, with recommendations for requiring the MSFA to transfer one suite or to make the suite available for use by charitable organizations.

Section 21 [Repealer] repeals authority for a study on the feasibility of conducting a raffle for prime seats in the stadium.

Section 22 [Effective date] terminates current authority member terms on May 1, 2017.  New appointments must be made by the appointing authorities by May 1, 2017, and if confirmed by the senate, will be effective the day after confirmation.

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