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S.F. No. 1495 - Assessor Accreditation Waiver
Author: Senator Kari Dziedzic
Prepared By: Eric S. Silvia, Senate Counsel (651/296-1771)
Date: March 20, 2017


S.F. No. 1495 extends the deadline by which individuals who appraises or physically inspects property to determine its valuation and classification for property tax purposes must obtain licensure as an accredited assessor from the State Board of Assessors (SBOA). Under current law, this licensure must take place by July 1, 2019, or within four years of that person having become licensed as a certified assessor, whichever is later. This bill extends the deadline to July 1, 2022, or within five years of becoming certified.

This bill also provides a waiver of the above-mentioned licensure requirements. An individual may apply for a waiver if the individual: (1) was licensed as a certified assessor before July 1, 2004; (2) has maintained an assessor license in good standing since July 1, 2004; (3) has successfully passed an examination substantially equivalent to the requirements by the SBOA for the accredited assessor license before May 1, 2020; and (4) submits an application to the SBOA no later than July 1, 2022. An individual granted a waiver under this section is not considered to have achieved the designation as an accredited assessor and is not authorized to value income-producing properties, unless the individual meets certain requirements.

Waivers granted under this section expire on June 30, 2032, and this accreditation waiver authorization expires on July 1, 2032. 

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