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S.F. No. 1340 - Quality Incentive Payment System Measures (Amendment A-5)
Author: Senator Scott M. Jensen
Prepared By: Katie Cavanor, Senate Counsel (651/296-3801)
Date: March 13, 2017


SF1340 modifies provisions governing statewide measures used to assess quality of health care services provided by health care providers and used for the quality incentive payment system and quality transparency requirements.

Section 1 (62U.02) Subdivision 1 requires the Commissioner of Health to establish statewide measures for use by health plan companies that assess the quality of health care services offered by health care providers.  Requires that the statewide measures must (1) for the purposes of assessing the quality of care provided at physician clinics, be selected from the available measures as defined in federal regulations, unless the stakeholders determine that a particular diagnosis, condition, service, or procedure is not reflected in any of the available measures in a way that meets identified needs; (2) be based on medical evidence; and (3) be developed through a process in which providers participate in and consumer and community input and perspectives are obtained.

This subdivision also requires the commissioner to develop a measurement framework by June 30, 2018, that identifies the most important elements for assessing the quality of care, articulates statewide quality improvement goals, ensures clinical relevance, fosters alignment with other measurement efforts, and defines the roles of stakeholders.  By December 15, 2018, the commissioner must use the framework to update the statewide measures used to assess the quality of health care services offered by health care providers, including providers certified as health care homes.  The commissioner shall develop the framework in consultation with the stakeholders and must review the framework at least once every three years.

Subdivision 3 requires the commissioner to issue periodic public reports on trends in provider quality at the statewide, regional, and clinic levels.  This subdivision also requires physician clinics and hospitals to submit standardized information for the identified statewide measures to the commissioner in the formats specified by the commissioner or the commissioner’s designee which must include alternative formats for clinics or hospitals experiencing technological or economic barriers to submission in standardized electronic form.  The commissioner shall ensure that any quality data reporting requirements for physician clinics are aligned with the specifications and timelines for the selected measures and may develop additional data on race, ethnicity, preferred language, country of origin, or other sociodemographic factors.  None of the statewide measures selected shall require providers to use an external vendor to administer or collect data.

Section 2 (256B.072) modifies the measures used for the performance reporting system for inpatient hospitals by requiring that the measures used are consistent with the statewide measures under section 62U.02, subd.1.


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