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S.F. No. 1615 - Court Reporter Statute and Other Court Provisions
Author: Senator Warren Limmer
Prepared By: Chris Turner, Senate Fiscal Analyst (651/296-4350)
Date: March 7, 2017


The bill updates court reporter statutes, provides for direct appeal of certain referee orders, and amends provisions relating to perjury and verification of court documents.

Section 1 strikes requirement to submit transcript of sentencing proceedings to detention facility.

Sections 2 and 3 strike the term “drug” court and replaces it with “treatment” court.

Section 4 exempts the following, additional documents from the notarization requirement:  documents presented in support of a request for a court order, warrant, or other relief.  Provides that presenting a document to a judge or judicial officer for signature constitutes verification under oath.

Section 5 requires a direct appeal to the Court of Appeals for review of referee orders in probate and civil commitment proceedings.

Section 6 moves language on expedited child support hearings reported through electronic recording equipment.

Section 7 strikes outdated court reporter provisions, including bond and oath requirements and employment provisions applying to temp reporters.

Section 8 updates obsolete terminology.

Section 9 strikes outdated salary provisions that are now contained in the judicial branch personnel policies and collective bargaining agreements.

Section 10 strikes the old statutory rate that may be charged for a transcript and replaces it with a current reference to the rate set by the chief justice.

Section 11 adds a venue provision in the perjury statute.  Provides that a violation relating to false statements in court documents may be prosecuted where the statement was signed or filed.

Section 12 changes the requirement that a request for a temporary restraining order hearing be made within 45 days after the temporary order is issued to within 20 days of the date of completed service of the petition for a hearing.

Section 13 repeals the following outdated statutes:

  • 484.72 – electronic recording of court proceedings; authorization and limitations.
  • 486.05, subd. 1a – court reporter expenses.
  • 525.112 – Hennepin County court reporter salary provisions.




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