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S.F. No. 1111 - Legislative Renewable Energy Council Establishment - First Engrossment
Author: Senator Andrew Mathews
Prepared By: Carlon D. Fontaine, Senate Counsel (651/296-4395)
Date: February 21, 2017


S.F. No. 1111 establishes a new legislative council to make recommendations for funding eligible energy projects to the legislature.

Subdivision 1 [Establishment] establishes an 11-member Legislative Renewable Energy Council, composed of five members each from the senate and house of representatives, four of whom must represent districts where Xcel provides electric service to at least 60 percent of the district’s residents, and one representative of the Prairie Island Indian Community. Provides for election of council chairs and officers. Gives the Legislative Coordinating Commission authority to appoint nonpartisan staff for the council. Makes the council’s administrative expenses subject to approval by the Legislative Coordinating Commission and legislative appropriation.

Subdivision 2 [Council recommendations] requires the council to make recommendations to the legislature regarding funds expended from the account. Recommendations require the vote of eight members of the council.

Subdivision 3 [Conflict of interest] defines a conflict of interest and prohibits a council member from voting on funding proposals where there may be a conflict.

Subdivision 4 [Audit] requires the legislative auditor to audit expenditures from the account recommended by the council.

Subdivision 5 [Recipient requirements] requires a recipient of funds from the account to provide all information required by the council. Prohibits a recipient from receiving funding from the council until four years after a previous council-funded project has been completed.

Subdivision 6 [Accomplishment plans] requires recipients to submit an accomplishment plan and periodic updates to the council.

Subdivision 7 [Expenditures] allows expenditures from the account to include research and development projects, demonstration projects, and statewide programs and financial incentives. If general funds are transferred to the account, only those general funds may be spent to benefit non-Xcel ratepayers.

Subdivision 8 [Administration] authorizes the council to develop administrative procedures for the application and review process.


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