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S.F. No. 2405 - Electric Vehicle Promotion Program
Author: Senator John Marty
Prepared By: Carlon D. Fontaine, Senate Counsel (651/296-4395)
Date: April 18, 2016


Section 1 [Electric Vehicle Promotion Program], subdivision 1[Definitions] provides definitions for the section for key terms including "electric vehicle charging station,” "electric vehicle infrastructure," "electric vehicle" or "plug-in vehicle," and "utility."  

Subdivision 2 [Program] requires each utility serving a city of the first class (applicable to Xcel and Minnesota Power only) to file with the commissioner of commerce a program to promote the purchase of electric vehicles by their customers and development of electric vehicle infrastructure by August 1, 2017. Provides program elements. 

Subdivision 3 [Program review and implementation] requires the commissioner to review the plans and approve, modify, or reject the plan based on the plan's likely effectiveness in increasing electric vehicle sales; increasing access to electric vehicle infrastructure; increasing customer education regarding electric vehicles; and evaluating the potential to use electric vehicles to assist in grid management. Requires a utility to submit a new plan if the commissioner rejects a utility's plan.  

Subdivision 4 [Cost recovery] requires the commission to approve recovery of costs reasonably incurred by a utility to implement and administer an electric vehicle promotions program, including advertisement of the program. 

Subdivision 5 [Reporting] requires a utility to report annually to the commissioner on its activities to promote electric vehicle usage and the outcomes of those efforts and the potential to utilize plug-in vehicles to assist in grid management. 

Section 2 [Assessing specific utility] adds review of electric vehicle promotion program plans to the activities for which the commissioner of commerce may assess a utility.


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