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S.F. No. 3034 - Lawful Gambling Managers, Raffles, Prize Limits Increase, and Local Regulation Modifications (First Engrossment)
Author: Senator Dan Sparks
Prepared By: Stephanie James, Senate Counsel (651/296-0103)
Date: March 28, 2016


Section 1 [Electronic Raffle Selection System] defines “electronic raffle selection system.”

Section 2 [Gambling Equipment] adds “electronic raffle selection systems” to the list of things that are “gambling equipment” and therefore cannot be sold without a license.

Section 3 [Gambling Manager] shortens the time from six months to 90 days that a person has to have been an active member of a charitable organization to be “gambling manager” charged with supervising the organization’s lawful gambling.

Section 4 [Hot-Ball Bingo Prize] permits an organization to charge players to be eligible to win a hot-ball bingo prize.

Section 5 [Raffle Sales Device] defines “raffle sales device.”

Section 6 [Share the Pot Raffle] defines a “share the pot raffle.”

Section 7 [Lawful Gambling] adds “electronic raffle selection systems” to the list of gambling devices that may only be used in the conduct of lawful gambling.

Section 8 [Registration of Employees] changes certain registration requirements to be a paid employee of a licensed organization.

Section 9 [Hot-Ball Bingo Prize] permits a hot-ball bingo prize to be funded by an organization or by players.  If funded by the organization, all players participating in the bingo game are eligible to win the prize at no additional cost.  If funded by players, only players contributing toward the prize are eligible to win and the organization must provide a bingo paper sheet of a different color to those players.

Section 10 [Conduct of Raffles] specifies how a random number generator can be used to select entries in a raffle when an electronic raffle selection system is used. Permits the Gambling Control Board to authorize the use of, and set technical standards for, electronic raffle selection systems.

Section 11 [Bingo] increases the limit for bingo prizes from $200 to $500 for a single game and from $200 to $500 for certain cover-all or cover-none bingo games. Eliminates a cap of $2,800 in prizes for a bingo occasion and a cap of $4,800 for a bingo occasion in which a cover-all or cover-none game is played.

Section 12 [Local Regulation] requires cities or counties to acknowledge the financial contributions of charitable gambling organizations under certain local ordinances.  The acknowledgement must be made to the community and to the recipients of the funds, and may be in communications about the funds or in the distribution of funds.

Section 13 [Effective Date] sets July 1, 2016, as the effective date for the act.


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