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S.F. No. 3017 - Residential Hospice Facilities Children Needing Respite or Palliative Care Inclusion (First Engrossment)
Author: Senator John A. Hoffman
Prepared By: Liam Monahan, Senate Analyst (651/296-1791)
Date: April 12, 2016


Section 1 (144A.75, subdivision 5) removes from the definition of “hospice provider” the condition that a hospice patient must be terminally ill.

Section 2 (144A.75, subdivision 6) expands the definition of “hospice patient” to include a person, 21 years of age or younger, who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness that contributes to a shortened life expectancy.

Section 3 (144A.75, subdivision 8) modifies the definition of “hospice services” to allow currently existing hospice services to be provided to patients who fall under the newly expanded definition of “hospice patient.”

Section 4 (144A.75, subdivision 13) modifies the definition of “residential hospice facility” by clarifying that a residential hospice facility must meet existing setting requirements concerning life safety, accessibility, and the care needs of hospice patients.

Section 5 (144A.75, subdivision 13a) adds a definition for “respite care” to clarify that residential hospice facilities may provide respite services on an occasional basis to hospice patients and their caregivers, including to patients included under the newly expanded definition of “hospice patient.”

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