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S.F. No. 2745 - Barber Examiners Board Provisions Modifications (First Engrossment)
Author: Senator Melissa H. Wiklund
Prepared By: Stephanie James, Senate Counsel (651/296-0103)
Date: March 21, 2016


SF 2745 is a proposal from the Board of Barber Examiners.  The bill eliminates an apprenticeship path to licensure, makes conforming and technical changes, modifies the definition of barbering to include several additional practices, and makes other changes.

Section 1 [Board of Barber Examiners] increases the number of barber members from three to four on the Board of Barber Examiners.

Section 2 [Officers; Compensation; Fees; Expenses] makes explicit that compensation for the barber board is as prescribed in a statute that applies to all licensing boards. The compensation is $55 per day, and certain expenses are reimbursed.

Section 3 [Fees] makes changes to categories in the board’s fee schedule.

Section 4 [Registration Mandatory] requires that barbers provide services only in a registered barber shop or school, unless authorized by the board.  Requires that barber instruction be provided only in registered barber schools.

Section 5 [Definitions] expands practices that are defined as barbering, to include cleaning, conditioning, coloring, shaping, and straightening hair. Defines “barber school,” “barber shop,” “certification of registration,” “designated registered barber,” and “registered barber.”

Section 6 [Persons Exempt from Registration] makes changes to the list of people and practices exempted from registrations required by the Board of Barber Examiners.  Adds licensed physician to the list of people exempt from requirements for registration for practicing barbering. Specifies that the exemption for cosmetologists is only for services defined as cosmetology elsewhere in statute. Eliminates a permission for nail technicians to operate in a barber shop. Adds individual homes to the places a barber may perform barber services if the services are for charitable purposes without compensation.

Section 7 [Who May Receive Certificates of Registration As a Registered Barber] makes changes to the requirements for barber registration.

Section 8 [Qualifications] permits certain experience qualifications from another state or jurisdiction to be considered as part of the qualifications to be an instructor of barbering.

Section 9 [Examinations] eliminates a time limit on the validity of a temporary certificate as an instructor of barbering.

Section 10 [Barber Schools; Requirements] makes changes to requirements for barber schools.  This section adds ways to meet educational requirements for admission to a barber school; increases the number of hours of instruction permitted in a working day; adds topics required topics of instruction; and increases the permitted student-to-teacher ratio. 

Section 11 [Application; Fee] changes requirements for identification when applying for a barber examination. 

Section 12 [Examinations, Conduct and Scope] makes changes to the requirements for taking the barber examination to reflect the elimination of the apprentice program. Eliminates oral test requirement for barber registration.

Section 13 [Certificates of Registration; Fees] are conforming changes.

Section 14 [Examination of Nonresidents] makes changes to requirements for the examination of a person from outside the state with certain credentials and experience.

Section 15 [Temporary Military Permits] is a conforming change.

Section 16 [Certificates of Registration and Temporary Permits to be Displayed] makes conforming and technical changes. Requires registrations for schools and shops to be displayed within the establishment.

Section 17 [Certificates of Registration Must Be Renewed Annually] makes conforming changes.

Section 18 [Registration Actions] makes conforming changes.

Section 19 [Reinstatement] makes conforming changes.

Section 20 [Administrative Penalties] permits the board to impose fines less than than $500 for certain offenses; makes conforming changes.

Section 21 [Violations] makes conforming and technical changes.

Section 22 [Perjury] makes conforming changes.

Section 23 [Rules] makes conforming and technical changes.

Section 24 [Not to Serve Certain Persons] removes unnecessary listing of certain diseases, within a prohibition on practicing barbering with a contagious or infectious disease.

Section 25 [Rulemaking] authorizes the Board of Barber Examiners to use expedited rulemaking to conform the board’s rules to the changes in this bill.

Section 26 [Transitioning Apprentice Barbers to Registered Barbers] discontinues apprentice barber registrations on December 31, 2017, and provides steps for registration for current apprentice barbers.

Section 27 [Repealer] repeals several sections relating to apprentice barber registration.

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