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S.F. No. 1737 - Medical Assistance Coverage for Enhanced Asthma Care Services
Author: Senator John A. Hoffman
Prepared By: Katie Cavanor, Senate Counsel (651/296-3801)
Date: March 17, 2016


SF 1737 provides Medical Assistance coverage for certain enhanced asthma care services and products.

Section 1 (256B.0625, subd.31) specifies that the allergen products described in section 2 shall be considered durable medical equipment.

Section 2 (256B.0625, subd.64) paragraph (a) requires Medical Assistance to cover enhanced asthma care services and related products for children with poorly controlled asthma.  Requires a child to meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for these services and products.  The child must:

  1. be under the age of 21;
  2. have poorly controlled asthma;
  3. have received health care for asthma from a hospital emergency department at least one time in the past year or been hospitalized for the treatment of asthma at least once in the past year; and
  4. received a referral for these services and products from a treating health care provider.

Paragraph (b) lists the covered services and products, which includes: a home assessment conducted by a healthy homes specialist; targeted asthma education services; and allergen reducing products.

Paragraph (c) specifies that if a child receiving services and products under this subdivision resides in rental housing, the healthy home specialist who conducted the assessment must report to the appropriate housing authority any structural or cosmetic modifications needed to reduce any asthma triggers, such as mold or pests.  Specifies that no person shall be subject to retaliation or discrimination of any kind due to this report being made.

Paragraph (d) states that a child is limited to one home assessment and one visit by a certified asthma educator on how to use and maintain the allergen reducing products.  Permits an additional home assessment if the child moves into a new house, a new trigger enters the home, or the child’s provider identifies a new allergy for the child.  Requires the commissioner to determine the frequency with which products may be replaced based on the reasonable expected lifetime of the product.



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