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S.F. No. 2741 - MnDOT Housekeeping
Author: Senator Susan Kent
Prepared By: Krista Boyd, Senate Fiscal Analyst (651/296-7681)
Date: March 15, 2016


Section 1 changes a section of statute concerning the flexible highway account to conform with a 2015 enacted statutory change in the distribution of county state-aid highway funds.

Section 2 provides that the cost of installation and relocation of a utility facility on an interstate highway after August 1, 2016, will no longer be reimbursed from trunk highway funds.

Section 3 changes the frequency of MnDOT’s required report to the Legislature concerning the status of the trunk highway bridge improvement program from an annual report to a biennial report, due by January 15 of each odd-numbered year.

Section 4 adds holders of commercial driver learner’s permits to the categories of traffic violators to whom the “Dimler” law does not apply, so that speeding violations that would otherwise be kept off the driver’s record will now be recorded on the driver’s record.

Section 5 amends the requirement that MnDOT perform a life-cycle cost analysis among competing paving materials.  MnDOT will continue to perform this analysis using equal comparison periods, but not equal design lives.  The section removes obsolete language and specifies that the annual report to the Transportation committees must be submitted by January 15.

Sections 6 to 10 extend an effective date from November 30, 2016, to November 30, 2018, to conform to the anticipated availability of the Minnesota Licensing and Registration System (MNLARS).  The effective dates in these sections apply to enacted legislation that links expiration dates of overweight truck permits to vehicle registration renewal dates.

Section 11 repeals a subdivision of statute that creates Legislative Route No. 225 on the trunk highway system.  The section turns jurisdiction over the highway back to Becker County, effective when the Commissioner of Transportation receives a copy of the agreement between MnDOT and the governing body of Becker County and notifies the revisor.


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