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S.F. No. 1646 - Real ID - The Second Engrossment
Author: Senator D. Scott Dibble
Prepared By: Krista Boyd, Senate Fiscal Analyst (651/296-7681)
Date: March 14, 2016


Section 1 amends the law that currently prohibits the Commissioner of Public Safety from planning or implementing Real ID.  The prohibition against planning is stricken, leaving the prohibition against implementation in law.

Section 2 concerns the Department of Public Safety planning activities.

Subdivision 1 directs the commissioner to begin planning for eventual compliance with the Real ID federal law, so that the commissioner will be prepared to issue REAL ID-compliant drivers’ licenses and identification cards on October 1, 2016, if the Legislature specifically authorizes implementation.  The section enumerates planning activities that the commissioner must undertake, including at a minimum:

  • Identifying changes in laws, rules, and procedures necessary for Real ID compliance;
  • Analyzing necessary changes in vendor contracts and computer operations;
  • Seeking guidance from Department of Homeland Security;
  • Preparing necessary certification documents;
  • Safeguarding data of Minnesota license/card holders;
  • Examining feasibility of accepting applicant’s TSA precheck status to qualify for license/card;
  • Recommending changes in law; and
  • Itemizing costs of planning and implementation, including data protection, driver’s license agent costs, and adopting two-tier license program.

Subdivision 2 directs the commissioner and representatives of the Department of Public Safety to appear before legislative committees on request and testify, both orally and with written summaries, concerning planning activities for Real ID.  The commissioner is required to comply with the statute requiring the department to produce fiscal notes.

Section 3 requires the Commissioner of Public Safety to work with the Governor and Legislature to seek from the Department of Homeland Security an extension of time for the state of Minnesota to comply with Real ID so that holders of Minnesota driver’s licenses and identification cards can utilize their Minnesota licenses, cards, or United States passports to access federal buildings.

Section 4 makes this act effective the day after final enactment.


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