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H.F. No. 6 - Legislative Enactment Technical Corrections (First Special Session - 2015)
Author: Senator Ron Latz
Prepared By:
Date: June 12, 2015


This act contains corrections to laws enacted during the 2015 regular session.  Note that sections 1 and 2 were approved for inclusion in the regular session corrections bill and the remaining provisions address effective date and application issues identified after adjournment.

Section 1 corrects a rider in the Health and Human Services appropriations law related to the Homeless Youth Act. It clarifies that the funding allocation in the rider is taken from the Department of Human Services appropriation for the Homeless Youth Act.

Section 2 corrects appropriations in the Health and Human Services appropriations law related to health care grants for uninsured individuals administered by the Commissioner of Health so that the amounts match the tracking document approved by the conferees.

Section 3 delays the effective date of the repeal of the statute providing for audits of counties by the state auditor, consistent with the August 1, 2016, effective date of the new law giving counties the option of having an audit performed by the state auditor or a CPA firm. 

Section 4 adds July 1, 2015, effective dates to provisions that extend or eliminate sunsets of the E-Health Advisory Committee, Trauma Advisory Council, and Maternal and Child Health Advisory Task Force so that the amendments coincide with the scheduled expiration dates under current law.

Section 5 adds October 1, 2015, effective dates to provisions in the Health and Human Services appropriations law governing MFIP income calculations, consistent with the assumed implementation date included on the spreadsheet amount.

Section 6 specifies that unless otherwise provided, the sections in this act are effective when the provision being corrected is effective.

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