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S.F. No. 1989 - Prior Appropriations for Certain Grants from General Obligation Bond Proceeds - as Proposed to be Amended by the A-3 Delete-Everything Amendment
Author: Senator LeRoy A. Stumpf
Prepared By: Stephanie James, Senate Counsel (651/296-0103)
Date: May 7, 2015


Section 1 [Plan Development Criteria] sets caps on the size of grants that the Amateur Sports Commission may make for air quality and R-22 elimination projects.  This is a provision from Sen. Metzen’s bill, SF 2002.

Sections 2-16 amend the descriptions for projects for which money was appropriated in bills enacted in 2012, 2013, and 2014, and make conforming changes.  No new money is appropriated.

Section 2 [Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall] amends a 2012 appropriation of bond proceeds for projects on the Marshall campus of Minnesota State University.  Because the projects have been abandoned, this section permits the appropriation to be used for asset preservation on the campus of Southwest Minnesota State University.

Section 3 [Veterans Affairs] amends a prior appropriation of bond proceeds for projects at the Minneapolis Veterans Home.  This change permits the unexpended balance of the 2012 appropriation to be used for the projects described in a 2013 appropriation to the Department of Veterans Affairs for work at the campus of the Minneapolis Veterans Home.

Section 4 [Library Construction Grants] amends a 2014 appropriation of bond proceeds to remove a grant to Bagley Library because the remaining needs for the renovation project was furnishings that were not bond eligible.

Section 5 [Cottage Grove – HERO Center] amends a 2014 appropriation of bond proceeds to change the street address for the Health and Emergency Response Occupations (HERO) Center.  This provision also changes the entities responsible for the nonstate match, adding the city of Woodbury and removing MNSCU.

Section 6 [International Falls – Airport] amends a 2014 appropriation of bond proceeds to phase the International Falls airport project and to apply the 2014 appropriation to the first phase.

Section 7 [Minnesota Sex Offender Program – St. Peter] amends a 2014 appropriation of bond proceeds to change which buildings would be renovated at the St. Peter campus of the Minnesota Sex Offender Program.

Section 8 [YWCA Minneapolis - Early Childhood Learning and Child Protection Facilities and Other Renovations] amends a 2014 appropriation of bond proceeds for the YWCA of Minneapolis to permit the appropriation to be used for the HVAC system, sprinkler system, pool walls, and ceiling.

Section 9 [Alexandria – Redevelopment] amends a 2014 appropriation of bond proceeds to permit use of the appropriation for public infrastructure in Alexandria, to lower the nonstate match required, and to permit the value of gifted high school property to be counted toward the nonstate match.

Section 10 [Lake Elmo – Water Supply] amends a 2014 appropriation of bond proceeds to change the name of the street with which the funded water main project in Lake Elmo is associated.

Section 11 [Minneapolis – Brian Coyle Community Center] amends a 2014 appropriation of bond proceeds to permit money appropriated for predesign and design for the Brian Coyle Community Center in Minneapolis to also be used for renovation and expansion.

Section 12 [St. Paul – Historic Palace Theater Renovation] amends a 2014 appropriation of bond proceeds to change the entity receiving the grant for the renovation of the Historic Palace Theater from the city of St. Paul to the St. Paul Housing and Redevelopment Authority.

Section 13 [Virginia – Highway 53 Utilities Relocation] amends a 2014 appropriation of bond proceeds by modifying the description of the Highway 53 utilities relocation project in several ways to reflect needs for the project.

Section 14 [Bond Sale Expenses] amends the bond sale expense amount for the 2014 bonding bill to reflect the Bagley Library cancellation.

Section 15 [Bond proceeds fund] amends the bond sale authorization for 2014 to reflect the Bagley Library cancellation.

Section 16 [St. Paul – Minnesota Children’s Museum] amends a general fund appropriation from 2014 to lower the nonstate match required for the St. Paul Children’s Museum project.

Section 17 [Minneapolis Community and Technical College; Sale of Aviation Training Center] appropriates money from selling the Aviation Training Center at the Flying Cloud Airport to MnSCU for use at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College campus for asset preservation.  This section specifies that the property will not be deemed to be “state bond financed property” after the sale is complete and sale proceeds applied to asset preservation.

Section 18 [Conveyance of State Land; Hennepin County] permits the commissioner of administration to convey to Hennepin County a specified piece of real property in the Bischoff 1st Addition in Hennepin County at no cost to Hennepin County. The property remains “state bond financed property” and Hennepin County must operate the property in compliance with laws constraining use of state bond financed property.

Section 19 [West Metro Education Program; Property Conveyance] permits two FAIR schools (downtown Minneapolis and Crystal) that were improved with bond proceeds to be conveyed to school districts. The schools must be operated as multidistrict integration facilities after the transfer.

Section 20 [Federal Reimbursement; McQuade Harbor] specifies uses for the federal reimbursement the state received for state capital expenses at McQuade Harbor. The permitted uses for the money are for a marina at Knife River, a boat launch at Grand Marais, and a small craft harbor at Two Harbors.

Section 21 [Effective date] makes all sections effective the day following final enactment.


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