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S.R. No. 129 - Permanent Rules of the Senate
Author: Senator Thomas M. Bakk
Prepared By: Thomas S. Bottern, Senate Counsel (651/296-3810)
Date: April 9, 2015


Senate Resolution No. 129 adopts the Permanent Rules of the Senate for the 89th Legislature. The changes from the 2015 Temporary Rules are as follows:


Rule 1

The stricken language removes a reference to the 1989 edition of Mason’s Manual of Legislative Procedure from Rule 1.  This change will make the most recent version (which is the 2010 edition) the governing authority as provided under the rule.


Rules 3.5
and 12.3

This is a technical change intended to make it easier to see the prohibition on committee consideration of bills on the day they are introduced. To accomplish this, the language prohibiting consideration of bills on the day they are introduced is added to Rule. 3.5, which deals with the bill introduction process. The prohibition currently appears in Rule 12.3, where it is stricken in this resolution.


Rule 5.1

There are two sets of technical changes made within this rule:

The first change eliminates ambiguity regarding the votes required for recall of bills from committee. With the insertion of the word “applicable” before “deadline” the rule will make the number of votes required for recall of a bill from a committee dependent on the committee deadline that applies to the committee. For example, if a bill has been referred to a committee that is not subject to the committee deadlines (Rules, Taxes, Finance, and Capital Investment) a majority of the whole Senate (34 votes) may recall the bill from that committee at any time. If a bill has been referred to a committee that is subject to the committee deadlines and the deadlines have expired, the revised version of this rule would require 41 votes to re-refer the bill or place it on General Orders under Rule 5.

The second change revises the location of the language that requires a chief author to concur with a motion to recall a bill. The new location for this requirement within the rule makes it clearer that this requirement applies in all circumstances, both before and after committee deadlines.





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