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S.F. No. 383 - Board of Optometry - the Second Engrossment
Author: Senator Vicki Jensen
Prepared By: Katie Cavanor, Senate Counsel (651/296-3801)
Date: March 25, 2015


SF 383 makes a number of changes to the optometry licensure.

Section 1 (148.52) specifies that the optometrist members on the board must be licensed in Minnesota.

Section 2 (148.54) requires the board to elect a vice president and secretary.

Section 3 (148.57) removes references to fees in this section.  Strikes two subdivisions that are being relocated to other sections.  Adds a subdivision requiring optometrists to maintain current name and address with the board and to notify the board of any changes.

Section 4 (148.574) clarifies by striking language that an optometrist is prohibited from dispensing legend drugs at retail, unless the legend drug is within the scope of practice and administered to the eye through an ophthalmic good.

Section 5 (148.575) specifies the requirements for the use of legend drugs.  Removes the requirement that the board issue a certificate to an optometrist certifying that the optometrist has complied with the requirements for the use of legend drugs.  Makes a number of technical changes and strikes obsolete language.

Section 6 (148.577) strikes reference to the certification.

Section 7 (148.59) establishes a fee section that specifies the various fees.

Section 8 (148.603) establishes grounds for disciplinary action.

Section 9 (148.604) establishes the reporting requirements for persons who have knowledge of any conduct that would constitute grounds for disciplinary action by the board.  Grants the board authority to adopt rules to ensure prompt and accurate reporting.

Section 10 (148.605) provides immunity from civil liability or criminal prosecution for submitting a report to the board or otherwise reporting to the board any violation or alleged violations.

Section 11 (148.606) requires any optometrist who is the subject of an investigation to cooperate fully with the investigation.

Section 12 (148.607) specifies the disciplinary actions that the board may take if the board finds that a licensed optometrist has violated a provision of these statutes.

Section 13 repeals sections 148.571; 148.572; 148.573, subdivision 1; and 148.576, subdivisions 1 and 2.



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