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S.F. No. 1794 - Public Employment Relations Board Data
Author: Senator Sandra L. Pappas
Prepared By:
Date: March 16, 2015


Section 1 amends the personnel data statute provision that allows personnel data to be disseminated to labor organizations to add the public employment relations board.

Section 2 adds a new section to chapter 13 governing public employment relations board data.

Subdivision 1 defines “board” as the public employment relations board.

Subdivision 2 provides that data maintained by the board on a charge or complaint alleging unfair labor practices and appeals of the commissioner regarding whether an unfair labor practice was committed with respect to an election are protected nonpublic or confidential data. The data would become public when admitted into evidence at a hearing before the board. Notwithstanding the personnel data statute or the statute limiting the disclosure of the identity of employees under the whistleblower law, specified data would be public. In addition, the board may make data classified as protected nonpublic or confidential accessible if access will aid implementation of labor relations laws or ensure due process.

Section 3 amends the open meeting law to exclude meetings of the public employment relations board when it is deliberating on the merits of unfair labor practice charges or revealing specified decisions relating to unfair labor practices or exercising its hiring authority.

Section 4 contains a July 1, 2015, effective date.

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