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S.F. No. 1597 - Firefighter Licensure Requirements Modifications
Author: Senator Ann H. Rest
Prepared By: Chris Turner, Senate Fiscal Analyst (651/296-4350)
Date: March 17, 2015


Section 1 clarifies the definition of "fire department" under the State Fire Code.

Section 2 strikes the requirement that the Board of Firefighter Training and Education annually elect a chair from its members.

Section 3 clarifies the definition of "chief firefighting officer" to include the highest ranking employee or appointed official’s designee for the purposes of Minnesota Statutes, chapter 299N.

Sections 4 to 6 correct grammatical errors and clarify the definitions of "full-time firefighter," "licensed firefighter," and "volunteer firefighter," respectively.

Section 7 corrects awkward grammar in the definition of persons eligible to take a firefighter certification exam.

Section 8 strikes obsolete language regarding full-time firefighter licensure.  Under current law, all full-time firefighters were required to be licensed by the Board by July 1, 2011.  Licenses are valid for three years, so the date of employment in statute is now unnecessary.

Section 9 strikes obsolete language relating to the repeal of section 299N.05, subdivisions 3 and 4 in section 14 of the bill.  Authorizes the Board to issue licenses for a three-year period determined by the Board.  License fees may be pro-rated by the Board.

Section 10 provides that firefighters may renew their licenses provided they have 72 hours of Board approved firefighter training in the preceding three years and they complete the renewal application.  Strikes the $75 renewal fee.

For firefighters seeking reinstatement, section 10 requires the completion of a reinstatement application for licensure, completion of all prior firefighter training requirements, and payment of all outstanding or delayed renewal fees set by the Board.  In lieu of a reinstatement application, an applicant may complete a new firefighter application for licensure.

Section 11 deletes obsolete language regarding full-time firefighter licensure and requires all chief firefighting officers to collect and retain the following training records:

  • the dates, subjects, and duration of programs;
  • sponsoring organizations;
  • fire training hours earned;
  • registration receipts; and
  • other pertinent information.

The Board may require the provision of the training records to demonstrate compliance with the 72-hour firefighting training requirement under section 299A.05, subdivision 6.

Section 12 requires firefighter applicants, licensees or fire departments to notify the Board, in writing, within ten days, if the applicant or licensee has been convicted of  or pled guilty to a felony, any arson-related charge, or another offense arising from the same set of circumstances.

Section 13 provides the criteria under which an applicant is eligible for a reciprocity examination based on relevant military experience.

Section 14 repeals Minnesota Statutes 2014, section 299N.05, subdivisions 3 and 4, relating to firefighter licensure requirements.

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