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S.F. No. 775 - Parenting Time and Child Support
Author: Senator Barb Goodwin
Prepared By:
Date: March 6, 2015


Section 1 amends the law governing the effect of a recognition of parentage. New language refers to awards of temporary custody or parenting time. Section 518.131, which applies to marriage dissolutions, would apply to awards of temporary or permanent custody or parenting time based on a recognition of parentage.

Section 2 modifies recognition of parentage form requirements. The limitations of the recognition for purposes of exercising and enforcing custody or parenting time must be clear and understandable. Notification requirements with respect to the effect of a recognition on custody and parenting time are expanded, along with support obligations and other expenses for which the parent may be liable.

Section 3 amends the definition of “obligor” for purposes of establishing child support obligations by striking a presumption that a person who has primary physical custody of the child is not an obligor.

Section 4 modifies one of the methods for determining potential income. The amount of income a parent could earn working full-time at 150 percent of the current federal or state minimum wage is changed to working 30 hours per week at 100 percent.

Section 5 authorizes a court to elect not to order a party who has between 10 and 45 percent parenting time to pay basic support if there is such a significant disparity of income between the parties that an order directing payment would be detrimental to the joint child.

Section 6 contains new provisions governing reporting to consumer reporting agencies when an obligor is in arrears. 

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