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S.F. No. 488 - Carver, Scott and Le Sueur County Intermediate School District Creation
Author: Senator Kevin L. Dahle
Prepared By: Ann Marie Lewis, Senate Counsel (651/296-5301)
Date: February 27, 2015


Section 1.  Listed Districts May Form Intermediate District.  Allows school districts located in Carver, Scott and Le Sueur Counties to enter into an agreements related to facilities and instruction in special education, career and technical education, adult basic education, and alternative education.

Section 2.  Joint School Board; Members; Bylaws.

Subdivision 1. Board.  The agreement must provide for a joint school board, along with provisions for election or appointment of members, membership terms and qualifications, and other provisions.

Subdivision 2. Bylaws.  Allows the joint board to adopt bylaws specifying the duties and powers of the officers and meeting dates. 

Section 3. Statues of Joint School Board.

Subdivision 1. Public Agency.  Requires the joint board to be a public agency of the participating school districts.  Permits the board to receive and disburse federal and state funds.

Subdivision 2. Liability.  Limits the individual liability of board members and participating school districts.

Subdivision 3. Tax Exempt.  Exempts from taxation any property belonging to or used by the board for its purposes.

Section 4. Joint Board Has All Powers of Member Districts. The joint board has all the powers granted to the participating school districts.

Section 5. Agreement Approval; Notice; Petition; Referendum.

Subdivision 1. Resolution. The board of each participating school district is required to pass a resolution to approve the agreement.

Subdivision 2. When Effective.  Requires each resolution to be published.  The resolution is effective 30 days after publication, unless a petition for referendum on the resolution is filed.  In that case, the resolution becomes effective after the vote at a regular or special election.

Section 6. District Contributions, Disbursements, Contracts.  Allows the participating school districts to contribute funds to the board.

Section 7. Term of Agreement.  Requires the length of the agreement to be stated within the agreement.

Section 8. Non-Postsecondary Programs; Licensed Direction.  Allows the board to provide any requested educational programs or services, except for postsecondary programs or services. 

Section 9. Other Membership and Powers. Membership of other school districts, cities, counties, and other governmental units may be included in the agreement.  The board may provide the same services and assistance provided by service cooperatives under Section 123A.21, subdivisions 7 and 8.


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