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S.F. No. 771 - Land Surveying Provisions Modifications
Author: Senator Jim Carlson
Prepared By: Alexis C. Stangl, Senate Counsel (651/296-4397)
Date: February 25, 2015


Section 1 updates language and uses terms to be consistent with section 4. Perpetuation of corners and placement of monuments or markers must be done by a licensed land surveyor. A cross reference is provided to a section about certificates of location of government corners.

Section 2 requires reference ties to be established by a licensed land surveyor. Ties must be established in at least three places if practicable, and if not, then in two places. The ties must be made of a durable material and are no longer limited to the materials listed.

Section 3 provides exceptions to the requirement that a notarial stamp be included.

Section 4 updates language throughout.

Subdivision 1 requires a licensed land surveyor to file the record of a survey and certificate of location of government corner with the county surveyor. The records and certificate must be prepared in compliance with subdivision 3.

Subdivision 2 makes no changes.

Subdivision 2a specifies the manner of placing monuments.

Subdivision 3 updates language. A certificate of location of government corner must be prepared as part of any land survey which includes or requires the use, perpetuation, or restoration of a public land survey corner and either the reference ties or monuments have been destroyed. Language relating to a statute being repealed by the bill is deleted.  The certificate of location of government corner must now also include a description of any monument placed; where practicable, reference ties to at least three durable objects; and a statement identifying the methods used to restore an perpetuate the corner. The certificate of location of government corner must be certified according to the specified rule and must include a statement that the certificate is correct and complete.

Section 5 makes grammatical corrections.

Section 6 specifies that a plat be prepared on fil with a minimum thickness of four mil. The official plat must be labeled as such, and copies must be labeled as copies. This language is moved to this section from section 10.

Section 7 requires that text used on plats be at least eight-point type.

Section 8 adds references to public ways, utility, and drainage easements to be consistent with other sections of law.

Section 9 clarifies what the county surveyor is certifying to when approving a plat.

Section 10 deletes redundant language and provides a cross reference for consistency. This section provides more flexibility in handling copies.

Section 11 remedies a contradiction in current statute.

Section 12 provides exceptions to the recording standards for survey documents.

Section 13 provides requirements for certification of a registered land survey. Signatures must be in black ink and cannot be written with ball point ink. The survey must be on a film that is a minimum of four mil thick. The text used on the survey must not be at least eight-point type. The official plat must be labeled as such, and copies must be labeled as copies. These requirements are similar to the requirements for plats.

Section 14 repeals Minnesota Statutes sections 160.15, subdivisions 2, 4, and 5 (placement of certain monuments; filing a certificate of placing or establishing monuments; contents of the certificate) and 389.09 (common interest community plats).



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