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S.F. No. 92 - Human Services Disability Waiver Rate System Modification
Author: Senator Jim Abeler
Prepared By: Liam Monahan, Senate Analyst (651/296-1791)
Date: January 16, 2019


Section 1 (256B.4914, subdivision 2) adds definitions for “direct care staff” to the statute governing the disability waiver rate system.

Sections 2 and 3 are editorial and conforming changes.

Section 4 (256B.4914, subdivision 5, paragraphs (h) and (i)) increases the frequency of the updates to the base wage index and the framework components of the disability waiver rate system from every five years to every two years beginning July 1, 2022, using the data available 18 months prior to the scheduled updates rather than the data most recently available prior to the scheduled update.

Paragraph (k) establishes a new competitive workforce factor effective July 1, 2019, (or upon federal approval).  The effect of the addition of the competitive workforce factor will be an increase in the base wage index of 4.55 percent, which will result in an increase in the total rate paid for services reimbursed under DWRS.

Section 5 (256B.4914, subdivision 10) requires the commissioner to review and evaluate direct-care labor market measures and their effect on services.

Section 6 (256B.4914, subdivision 10a) requires providers to report labor market data to the commissioner and the commissioner to analyze and report on that submitted data annually.


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