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S.F. No. 3637 - Short-Call Substitute Teacher Pilot Program
Author: Senator Dan Sparks
Prepared By: Ann Marie Lewis, Senate Counsel (651/296-5301)
Date: March 16, 2020


Section 1. Short-Call Substitute Teacher Pilot Program. Paragraph (a) Requires the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board to approve a school board or charter school’s request to issue a short-call substitute teacher license to a candidate if the application affirms evidence that:

  1. the candidate has the necessary skills and knowledge to work as a short-call substitute teacher;
  2. the candidate has an associate’s degree, a professional certification, or five years of relevant work experience;
  3. the district or charter school has consulted with the exclusive representative, if any, of the teacher in the district or charter school regarding the issuance of a short-call substitute teacher license under this section;
  4. the district or charter school has conducted a criminal background check on the candidate; and
  5. in the previous school year, the district or charter school was unable to hire enough licensed short-call substitute teachers.

Paragraph (b) Requires the board to approve the application within 30 days. Allows the board to revoke the license if the board finds out that the candidate did not meet one or more of the requirements or based on the results of a background check.

Paragraph (c) The short-call substituted license is limited to the district or charter school that requested the license.

Paragraph (d) Limits the term of the license to two years and is not renewable unless the candidate meets the requirements for a short-call substitute teaching license under Minnesota Rules, part 8710.0325.

Paragraph (e) Directs the board to report to the legislature on the number of districts that requested short-call substitute teacher licenses, the number of candidates who received licenses, the number of licenses revoked, and recommendations for rule or statutory changes to address the shortage of licensed short-call substitute teachers.

Paragraph (f) The board’s authority to issue licenses under this section expires on June 30, 2023.

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