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S.F. No. 3321 - Providing Levy Authority for Carlton and Pine County Soil and Water Conservation Districts
Author: Senator Jason Rarick
Prepared By: Eric S. Silvia, Senate Counsel (651/296-1771)
Date: March 11, 2020


SF 3321 provides levy authority for a three-year period to the soil and water conservation districts located in Carlton and Pine County.

Subdivision 1. Authorization. Provides that the soil and water conservation districts located in Carlton and Pine County are deemed special taxing districts and are authorized to adopt and certify a property tax levy.

Subdivision 2. Tax levy. Authorizes the district to levy an amount not to exceed 0.048 percent of the estimated market value of the district, or $1,000,000, whichever is less.

Subdivision 3. Public hearing. Requires the district board to hold a public hearing to discuss the proposed levy, and further requires a published notice in a newspaper of general circulation within the county of the proposed levy amount and hearing date.  

Subdivision 4. Budget adoption. Requires the district board to adopt a tax levy by September 15th and certify the levy to the county auditor no later than September 30th.

Subdivision 5. Expiration. Provides that the levy authority granted under this section applies for three years only from taxes payable in 2021 through taxes payable in 2023.

Effective Date.  Effective beginning with taxes payable in 2021.  

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