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S.F. No. 3310 - Modifying Provisions Relating to Child Care Licensing
Author: Senator Bill Weber
Prepared By: Joan White, Senate Counsel (651/296-3814)
Date: March 22, 2018


Section 1 (245A.14, subd, 16) allows a group family day care with two adult caregivers to care for up to 17 children, with not more than six being infants or toddlers, and not more than four being infants. The two caregivers must meet the minimum staff licensure or certification requirements for the setting. This section is effective the day following final enactment. 

Section 2 (245A.1435) modifies the child care licensing provisions related to reducing sudden unexpected infant death in licensed programs by changing the paragraph that states how an infant can be placed when going to sleep.

Section 3 (245A.152) amends child care license holder insurance.  Current law requires the license holder to provide written notice when the policy expires, and whether the policy has been renewed, and the date of the new policy’s expiration. The new language requires the policy holder to provide written notice to all parents or guardians of children receiving services upon expiration of the policy or a change in coverage.  If the policy automatically renews each year, the license holder may indicate the renewal date in the notice to parents and guardians, and the initial notice is valid until the coverage changes or lapses.

Section 4 (245A.16, subd. 2) relates to investigations done by the county or private agency when there is an allegation of maltreatment of children or adults in licensed programs.  Whether or not the investigation results in evidence that the commissioner should deny an application or suspend, revoke, or make a conditional license, if the commissioner’s determination differs from the county’s recommendation, the commissioner must, on the notice of determination, provide the reasons for the deviation in clear and plain language. This section is effective the day following final enactment. 

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