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S.F. No. 310 - Rural Career and Technical Education Consortium
Author: Senator Bill Weber
Prepared By: Ann Marie Lewis, Senate Counsel (651/296-5301)
Date: February 3, 2017


Section 1. Rural Career and Technical Education Consortium

Subdivision 1. Definition. Defines “Rural Career and Technical Education (CTE) Consortium as a collaboration of the Southwest/West Central Services Cooperative (SWWC), Southwest Minnesota State University, Minnesota West Community and Technical College, Ridgewater College, and other partners.

Subd. 2. Establishment. (a) Directs SWWC to develop a rural CTE consortium to provide greater access to career and technical education courses in the SWWC service area.  Requires the consortium to do the following:

  1. develop courses and programs that encourage collaboration;

  2. develop programs that focus on the industry sectors that fuel the rural regional economy;

  3. facilitate the development of highly trained students who are equipped with technical and workplace skills needed by regional employers;

  4. provide access to career and technical education programs for students who attend rural school districts;

  5. increase student and family awareness of  the availability and benefit of career and technical education courses and training opportunities; and

  6. provide capital start-up costs for items.

(b) Permits the rural CTE consortium to:

  1. address the teacher shortage in career and technical education through incentive funding and training programs; and
  2. provide transportation reimbursement grants to students to participate in career and technical education.

Subd. 3. Rural Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee. Directs SWWC to establish a rural career and technical education advisory committee to advise the organization on the administration of the rural CTE consortium.

Subd. 4. Private Funding. Allows the rural CTE consortium to receive private funds and requires all the funds to be administered by SWWC.

Subd. 5. Reporting Requirements. Requires the rural CTE consortium to submit an annual report to the legislature and the commissioner on the progress of its activities.

Section 2. Appropriation.  Appropriates $5,000,000 onetime in fiscal year 2018 to the SWWC for the rural CTE consortium.


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