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S.F. No. 207 - City of Bloomington; TIF, Fiscal Disparities & Lodging Tax Modification; Old Cedar Avenue Bridge
Author: Senator Melissa H. Wiklund
Prepared By: Eric S. Silvia, Senate Counsel (651/296-1771)
Date: March 11, 2013


Section 1.  Competitive Bidding; Bloomington Port Authority.  Expands the competitive bidding exemption for the Bloomington Port Authority to include other public improvement projects in addition to structured parking and clarifies that the exception applies regardless of the source of port authority funds used. Effective upon compliance by the city of Bloomington with filing requirements.

Section 2. Mall of America; Fiscal Disparities. Excludes the captured commercial-industrial tax capacity of TIF District Nos. 1-C and 1-G from the metropolitan fiscal disparities program area-wide pool. The amount that would normally be paid to the area-wide pool is captured and considered tax increment. Effective beginning with taxes payable in 2014.

Sections 3, 4, 6. Old Cedar Bridge; Appropriations. Modifies the 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2011 appropriations for the Cedar Avenue Bridge project to specifically refer to the renovation and restoration of the bridge and also extends the appropriations to 2017. Effective the day following final enactment.

Section 5.  Bloomington Central Station; TIF. Extends the ‘five-year rule’ from ten to fifteen years for TIF District 1-I, Bloomington Central Station.  Effective upon compliance by the governing body of the port authority with filing requirements.

Section 7.  City of Bloomington; Lodging Tax Base.  Allows Bloomington to apply its lodging tax to any increased amount on the sales of hotel rooms sold by online travel booking sites.  Local lodging sales taxes administered by the Department of Revenue have this amount applied to their tax base, but lodging taxes administered by local governments do not automatically do this. Effective the day following final enactment.

Section 8. Bloomington Central Station; Tax Increment Financing. Authorizes an eight year extension of TIF District No. 1-I containing the Bloomington Central Station property – through December 31, 2039. This section also requires that, effective for taxes payable in 2014, increment for the district be calculated using the current local tax rate. Effective upon compliance of the city of Bloomington with filing requirements.


Section 9. City of Bloomington; Tax Increment Financing

Subdivision 1 authorizes the city of Bloomington or its port authority to transfer specified property from TIF District No. 1-C and expand the boundaries of TIF District No. 1-G to include those properties.  

Subdivision 2 authorizes the city of Bloomington or its port authority to extend the duration limits of TIF Districts Nos. 1-C and 1-G through December 31, 2033.

Effective for taxes payable in (2017 to 2033 for TIF District No. 1-C) and (2019 through 2033 for TIF District No. 1-G) the captured tax capacity must be included in computing the tax rates of each local taxing district and the tax increments equal only the amount of the fiscal disparities contribution computed under Section 2.

Subdivision 3 authorizes that increments received under Subdivision 2 are deemed to be tax increments of TIF District No. 1-G.

Subdivision 4 requires that the authority under this section expires and TIF Districts No. 1-C and No. 1-G must be decertified for taxes payable in 2024 if the total estimated market value of improvements for parcels located in TIF District No. 1-G do not exceed $100,000,000 by taxes payable in 2023.

Effective upon compliance of the city of Bloomington of filing requirements without approval of the county and school district.

Section 10. State Bonding; Old Cedar Avenue Bridge.  

Subdivision 1 appropriates $7,000,000 from the bond proceeds fund to the Metropolitan Council for a grant to the city of Bloomington for environmental analysis and review and to design, renovate, restore or replace the Old Cedar Avenue Bridge.          

Subdivision 2 authorizes the issuance of state bonds in an amount up to $7,000,000 to provide the funds appropriated under subdivision 1.

Effective the day following final enfacement.

Section 11. Effective Date.  Provisions take effect as provided in each section but only if the city of Bloomington enters into a written agreement with the Metropolitan Council to repair and restore, or to replace, the old Cedar Avenue bridge.



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