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Each legislative session, the legal and research staff of Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis Office creates summaries for selected bills. When bills are passed by both bodies and signed by the governor, summaries may be created for selected acts.

Bill summaries are listed on this page. View Act Summaries

For background information on the bills process, see Frequently Asked Questions about the Minnesota Legislature.

To find summaries for another year, select the desired year from the pull down menu.

Staff from the office of Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis create side-by-side comparison summaries in collaboration with House Research and Fiscal staff that summarize and compare similar bill provisions to be negotiated in a conference committee. These summaries are used by elected representatives and staff to guide their work in the negotiation process. See Side-by-Side Summaries

2013 - 2014 Bill Summaries
Regular Session, Senate Resolutions
Permanent Rules of the Senate
Regular Session, Senate Files
Minnesota Insurance Marketplace Act, 8th Engrossment
Minnesota Insurance Marketplace Act, 8th Engrossment
All-Day Kindergarten
Minimum Wage
Constitutional Amendments Three-Fifths Legislative Majority Requirement - First Engrossment
Medical Assistance Expansion (First Engrossment)
Constitutional Amendment for Three-Fifths Legislative Majority Requirement - First Engrossment
Guardians and Conservators Appointments Requirements Modifications (First Engrossment)
Defining "Solicitor" for Nexus Purposes
Modification of Sales Tax on Clothing (As Introduced)
Foreign Royalty Subtraction Repeal; Increase in Research & Development Credit (as Proposed to be Amended by the A-3 Amendment)
Clothing Sales Tax Exemption Repeal; Sales Tax Rate Modification; Income Tax Credit (As Proposed to be Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Estate Tax Modification (As Proposed to be Amended by the A-5 Amendment)
Ramsey and Hennepin Counties Mortgage Registry and Deed Tax Sunset Extension (As Amended by A-1 and A-2)
Walker Local Sales Tax Authorization
Requesting Congress to Propose Constitutional Amendment on Campaign Contributions
Scholarship Fund Disclosure Requirements
Tax Court Postmark Rule (Author's Amendment)
Phased-in Subtraction for Military Retirement Pay
Subtraction for Military Retirement Pay
Modification of Vendor Remittance Schedule
Applying Sales Tax to Digital Products (As Proposed to be Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Dog and Cat Breeders (Second Engrossment )
General Estate Tax Modification (As Proposed to be Amended by the A-3 Amendment)
City of Oakdale; TIF Authority
Establishing a Tax Expenditure Advisory Commission (As Proposed to be Amended by a Delete-All Using the Committee Engrossment from the Tax Reform Division, Reported 2/13/13, and the A-6 Amendment)
Sales Tax Exemption for Public Safety Radio Systems
Exception to Permit to Carry Law for Retired Peace Officers
Modification of Vendor Remittance Schedule; June Accelerated Payment Repeal (As Amended by the A-2)
Officer Tom Decker Memorial Highway
Phased In Exemption for Capital Equipment Purchases
St. Cloud and Area Cities Local Sales Tax Extension
Accountancy Board Provisions Modifications (The Second Engrossment)
Placement of Plaque on Capitol Grounds to Honor American Indian Veterans, as Amended by the A-2 Amendment
Modifying Vacancy in Nomination Provisions
Department of Transportation (DOT) Owned Property for Highway Purposes Periodic Review Requirement (Delete-Everything Amendment A-1)
Utilities-Interim Rates
Capital Equipment Sales Tax Exemption at Time of Purchase
Minneapolis and Minneapolis Park Board Joint Dedication Fee Modification (First Engrossment)
Sales Tax Exemption for Cities and Counties
Convicted Felons Civil Rights Voting Eligibility Restoration (First Engrossment)
Providing a Nursing Facility Property Rate Increase
The Jablonski/Rodreick Spinal Cord and Traumatic Brain Injury Grant Program, As Amended by the Proposed A-2 Amendment
Drainage Law Changes (First Engrossment)
Modifying Child Care Assistance Absent Days
Radiation Therapy Facilities
(SS0119CE) Committee Engrossment: federal conformity and other tax provisions
Federal Conformity
Small Business Investment Tax Credit Provisions Modification
Licensure for Medical Laboratory Science Professionals (Second Engrossment)
Cigarette Definition Modification; Tobacco Tax Collection Report (as Proposed to be Amended by the A-2 Amendment)
Cigarette Definition Modification; Tobacco Tax Collection Report
Property Tax Exemption for Certain Nonprofit Property Owned by an Indian Tribe (as proposed to be amended by the A-3 amendment)
Modifying Definition of Income Used for Property Tax Refund
Cigarette Tax Modification; State General Levy Base Reduction (As Amended by the A-1)
Tax Exempt Bond Allocations; Changing Carryforward Period
Compulsory Education Age Increase
Property Tax Exemption for Certain Personal Property of Electric Generation Facilities (as proposed to be amended with A-1 amendment)
All-Day Kindergarten; Providing for Use of Revenue for Prekindergarten Programs
Voter Registration Modifications--Convicted Felons (First Engrossment)
MFIP Transitional Standard
Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (AEMT) Ambulance Staffing Requirements and Provisions Modifications
Removing Restrictions on Dan Patch Commuter Rail Planning and Development
Modifying Equalization Levels for Operating Referendum and Debt Service Equalization Programs
Establishing the Position of Transportation Ombudsperson
Shifting Audit Responsibility to Legislative Auditor for Dairy Research Authority, and for Job Opportunity Building Zones and Business Subsidy Agreements (First Engrossment)
Modification for Calculation for Past Military Service Credit
City of Canby, Authorizing TIF District
City of Bloomington; TIF, Fiscal Disparities & Lodging Tax Modification; Old Cedar Avenue Bridge
Designating the Honor and Remember Flag as an Official Symbol
Cigarette and Tobacco Tax Provisions (As Amended by the A-3)
Repealing the Deadlines for Special Service Districts and Housing Improvement Areas (First Engrossment)
Modifications to Definition of "Qualified Individual" for Military Service Credit Eligibility
Soil and Water Conservation District Redistricting Deadline Change
Adjusting Boundaries for House District 39A and 39B
Location Equity Revenue
Greater Minnesota Business Investment Credit
Authorizing Dakota County Redevelopment TIF District
Firearms; Reporting of Information (The Second Engrossment)
State Auditor Enterprise Fund Establishment
Notary Public Fees
Tax Credit for Jobs Training (First Engrossment)
Greater Minnesota Internship Program (First Engrossment)
Creating the Cultural and Ethnic Communities Leadership Council
Money Transmitters (Second Engrossment)
Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board Membership and Related Issues
City and Town Accounting System (CTAS) Software Development, As Amended by the A-2 Delete-All Amendment
Expanding Requirement of Display of Vehicle Lighting (with A-2 Amendment)
Modifying Mental Health Provisions and Requiring Annual Reviews of Pediatric and Children's Mental Health Providers (First Engrossment)
Modifying Mental Health Provisons; Appropriating Funding (First Engrossment)
Requiring the Development of a Program to Certify Certain Behavioral Health Aids
Modifying MFIP Child Care Assistance (First Engrossment)
Providing an Exception to the Drug Formulary; Modifying Case Management Services; Appropriating Funding for Mental Health, Including School-Linked Mental Health Services
Driver License Application Requirements Modifications (First Engrossment)
Greater Minnesota Business Investment Credit (First Engrossment-as Proposed to be Amended by A-2)
Clearwater Local Sales and Use Tax Modification
Motor Vehicle Titling Transaction Fee Modifications (Delete-Everything Amendment A-1)
Aviation Taxes Modifications (Delete-Everything Amendment A-6)
Subtraction for Service in Armed Forces
Estate Sale Conductors
Reporting by Public Employees
Definition of Motor Vehicle Paint and Repair Materials
Sales Tax Exemption for Cities and Counties
Expanding Authorization for Conducting Mail Balloting
Ranked-Choice Voting Authorization, (First Engrossment)
Veterans Jobs Tax Credit
Destination Medical Center (as Proposed to be Amended by A14 Delete-Everything Amendment)
Capitol Complex Area Security
Prohibition of Formaldehyde in Certain Children's Products (Second Engrossment)
Genocide awareness and prevention month designation
Prepaid Wireless 911 Telephone Fees (First Engrossment)
Driver’s Instruction Permit Requirements Modifications; Novice Driver Education Improvement Task Force Establishment and Appropriation (Second Engrossment)
Prohibition of Sale of Children’s Food Containers Containing Bisphenol-A (Second Engrossment)
Driver's License Agents Filing Fee Increase
Bullion Coin Dealers (Division Report)
Motor Vehicle Registration Tax Late Payment Penalty Surcharge
Sexually Exploited Youth (First Engrossment)
Providing Inflation Adjustments for PILT
City of Maple Grove; TIF Authority
Sunset Extension for Historic Structure Rehabilitation Tax Credit
Family Economic Security Act (Minimum Wage Provision)
New Federal Firearms Laws; Unenforceable
Modifying the Adoption Assistance Program
Licensure for Music Therapists - Second Engrossment
Minnesota Youth Council Committee, As Amended by the A-3 Amendment
Adjusting Boundaries for House District 49A and 49B
Modifying the Judicial Process for Restoring Firearms Eligibility to Violent Felons
Prohibiting Parking in Designated Bicycle Lanes
Specifying Allowable Motor Vehicle Operation in Bicycle Lane
Modifying Property Tax Late Payment Penalties
Establishing Expectations for Classified Employees as Nonpartisan Resources, as Amended by the A-2 Amendment
School Employees Health Insurance (Second Engrossment)
Biofuels - (First Engrossment)
Omnibus Early Childhood through Grade 12 Education Budget Bill, First Engrossment
Local Government Public Safety Employees on Authorized Leave Reimbursement Program
Omnibus Gun Bill, First Engrossment
Continuing Care Policy Bill (Second Engrossment)
Modifying Provisions Related to Children and Family Services
Uniform Faithful Presidential Electors Act
Protecting Children from Exposure to Harmful Chemicals
Discontinuance of the Hennepin County Soil and Water Conservation District
Creating a Chemical Health Navigation Program (First Engrossment)
Standards of Care Act (First Engrossment)
Sales Tax Exemption for Public Safety Radio Systems
Requiring Newborn Screening for Critical Congential Heart Disease (CCHD)
City of Maplewood, TIF Authority
Authorizing MnDOT Conveyance of Rest Area Real Property to Private Party
Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Exemption
Campaign Finance Technical Bill
Election Administration Modifications, as amended by the A-5 Amendment
Falsely Reporting Thefts or Losses of Firearms; Transfers to Ineligible Persons
Minimum Wage Increase
Organized Collection of Municipal Waste (Second Engrossment)
Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (Third Engrossment)
Metropolitan Area Water Supply Advisory Committee Expiration Extension
Contested Case Judicial Review Service on all Parties
Voluntary Surrender of Firearms; Centralized Registry
Electric Energy Biomass Mandate Amendment
Student Loan Credit
Higher Education Scholarship Incentive Credit
Open Meeting Law Exception for Social Media (First Engrossment)
Increasing Aid Payments to Taxing Jurisdictions in Mahnomen County
Perpich Center for Arts Education; Crosswinds School Conveyance and Operation (First Engrossment with A-5 Amendment)
Constitutional Amendment to Allow Council to Set Legislative Salaries
Early Voting (As Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Veterans Service Office Grants Program Modifications - The First Engrossment
Vacancies in Nomination for Partisan Offices (As Amended)
Liquor Omnibus (First Engrossment)
Metropolitan Council Housekeeping Bill
Omnibus Tax Bill (First Engrossment)
ICF/DD and HCBS Provider Rate Reduction Repeal (As Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Prohibition of Recreational Vehicle Odometer Tampering (Third Engrossment)
Firearms Permits; Mental Health Screening
Modifying Emergency Medical Services Special Taxing Districts
Absentee Voting Modifications (As Amended, the A-1 Amendment)
Homeless Youth Act
Modifying the Judicial Processes for Restoring Firearms Eligibility and for Challenging the Denial of a Permit to Carry
Equalization Levies Increase and Indexing Authorization for Property Tax Relief
Solar Energy in State Bond Funded Building Projects
Annuity Regulation (First Engrossment)
Education Advancement Revenue
Expanding Outreach, Public Education, and Screening for Maternal Depression (First Engrossment)
Local Transportation Taxes
Agreement to Elect the President by Popular Vote
Debt Management and Settlement
Qualified Brewer Tax Credit Modification
Pedestrian Skyway Accessibility for Central Station on Central Corridor
City of Glencoe; TIF Extension
Stroke Center Designation
ICF/DD and HCBS Provider Rate Modification
SF. Nos. 600, 629, 672, and 915 – Authorizing Certain County Offices to be Appointed in Clay, Lake, Kandiyohi, Jackson, and Lyon Counties
School Energy Conservation Revolving Loan Program
Prompt Payment of Wages
Research and Development Credit Modification
Municipal Street Improvement Districts (Second Engrossment)
School Bus Safety Requirements Modifications
Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Program Replacement Revenue
TIF; extending four-year rule for certain districts
Unemployment Insurance-Temporary Tax Reduction
Sales Tax Exemption for Critical Access Dental Providers
Dept. of Commerce Technical Bill
Modifying a Child Care Licensure Requirement
Recount Threshholds for Publicly Funded Recounts
Funding for St. Paul Ballpark & Other Economic Activities
City of St. Paul; Extending Bonding Authority
Trade Policy Advisory Group Establishment (Second Engrossment)
Federal Labor Law Conformity
Dept. of Commerce Enforcement (Second Engrossment)
Modifications to Provider Notification and Medical Assistance Prior Authorizations for Certain Services and Providers (First Engrossment)
Department of Labor and Industry Housekeeping Bill
Misrepresentation of Employment Status-Enforcement
Campaign Finance Policy and Technical Bill (Conference Committee Report)
Affordable Care Act Conformity and Health Market Rules (First Engrossment)
State Government Resource Recovery Provisions Modifications
County Wheelage Tax Authority
Minimum Wage Amendment Portion
TIF; extending temporary authority
TIF; Extending 5-year rule to 10 years
Public Safety and Judiciary Conference Commitee Report
High Voltage Transmission Line Routing
Strategic and Long-Range Planning Reporting Requirements Modification
Elections Omnibus Bill (Second Engrossment)
Auto Dealers (First Engrossment)
Solar Energy Jobs Act of 2013 (A-1 Amendment)
Youth Intervention Programs Grant Use Modification and Appropriation
Safe Routes to School Grants Bond Issue and Appropriation (With A-1 Amendment)
Requiring Placement of Sign on Marked Trunk Highway 52.
Modifying Child Care Assistance
Bemidji Local Food, Beverage, and Lodging Tax Authorization
Achievement and Integration for Minnesota Program (First Engrossment)
Transmission Line Routing and Siting
Motor Carriers and Limousines Underage Drinking Monitoring Requirement (Amended by A-1 Amendment)
Small Business Investment Tax Credit Amendments
Volunteer First Responder Credit
Transportation Public-Private Partnership Pilot Program (Delete-Everything Amendment SCS0742A-3)
Omnibus Data Practices Bill (Conference Committee Report)
Fire and Police Department Aid Threshold Increase
Juvenile Delinquency Continuance Without Adjudication Time Extension
Medical Assistance Asset Limit Modifications (First Engrossment)
Renewable Energy Standards
E-12 Finance Division Omnibus (Second Engrossment)
Crime Victim Rights Clarification, Restitution Working Group
Cosmetology Continuing Education Requirements Establishment (First Engrossment)
MnDOT Housekeeping Bill
Family Child Care Providers Representation Act (The Third Engrossment)
Modifying Special Account for I-394 Parking Facilities
Silica Sand Mining (Second Engrossment)
Tobacco Products Tax Modifications
Nursing Facility and Elderly Waiver Provider Rate Modification
Proctor Local Food, Beverage, and Lodging Tax Authorization
Proctor Local Sales and Use Tax Extension
Game and Fish and Invasive Species, Fourth Engrossment
Classification of Data Concerning Road User Fee Test Participants and Construction Manager/General Contractor Contracts
Trunk Highway System Legislative Routes Modification
State Procurement and Solicitation Provisions Modifications (First Engrossment)
Metropolitan Area Transit Data Classification (Amended by A-1 Amendment)
City of Savage, TIF Authority
Medical Practice Act Modifications
Advertising Competitive Bids
Governor's Agriculture Appropriation Recommendations (Statutory Sections)
City of Apple Valley; TIF
Clarifying Disability Parking Provisions
Qualified Data Centers Sales Tax Exemption Modification
High-Value Motor Vehicle Salvage Title
Department of Human Services Operations Policy Bill (Third Engrossment)
Forfeiture Changes, First Engrossment
Relating for Forfeiture (First Engrossment)
Public-Private Partnerships for Public Infrastructure Investments; Program Office within Department of Transportation
State Lands Bill, Second Engrossment
Department of Health Omnibus Policy Bill (The Fourth Engrossment)
Transportation Finance and Tax Provisions Modifications (Delete-Everything Amendment)
Health Care Facilities Resident Case Mix Classification Provisions Modifications
Extending Levy Authority for Northwest Minnesota Multicounty Housing and Redevelopment Authority (as proposed to be amended by A-1 amendment)
Alcohol Health and Judicial Impact Fund (as Proposed to be Amended by A-1)
Secretary of State Fund Solicitation Authorization for Technological Projects and Confidentiality Program for Victims of Violence (The First Engrossment)
Lowering the Number Proof-of-Residence Oaths a Voter May Sign
Joint Governance of Target Center and Xcel Energy Center (First Engrossment)
Metropolitan Area Transit and Paratransit Capital Expenditures Additional Financing and Bond Issue for Capital Costs Included in the Council's Transit Capital Improvement Program
Motor Vehicle Registration Rules, Periods, Permits, Veterans’ Special Plates, Record Retention, and Federal Compliance Modifications; Background Checks Authorization
Marriage Between Two Persons (First Engrossment)
Transit Finance Modifications
Scrap Metal Processing; Dealers Record Information Requirement (First Engrossment)
Solar Energy Incentives
City of Ely, TIF Authority
Vehicle Weight Limit Modified for Idle Reduction Technology
Washington County Bus Rapid Transit Development Authorization
Sales Tax Exemption for Purchases by Industrial Measurement Manufacturing and Controls Facility
Appointment of County Offices (First Engrossment)
Vehicles or Motorcycles Utilizing Flashing Red Lights for Escorting Funeral Processions Local Government Authority Modification
Minnesota Uniform Code of Military Justice
Critical Access Nursing Facilities Location Requirement and Appropriation (A-3 Amendment)
Education Policy Omnibus Bill; Third Engrossment
Modifying Parental Contribution Amounts
Life Without Possibility of Release; Exception for Certain Juveniles
Ignition Interlock Device Provisions, First Engrossment
Emerging Adulthood Task Force Creation (The First Engrossment)
Lawful Gambling Provisions Modifications (The First Engrossment)
Technology Corporate Franchise Tax Certificate Transfer Program
Property Tax Valuation Criteria for Conservation Easements
Modifying Provisions Related to the Minnesota Sex Offender Program (Third Engrossment)
Genetic Information
Silica Sand Mining Model Standards and Technical Assistance (Second Engrossment)
Pollution Control Property Tax Credit
Omnibus Health and Human Services Finance Bill - The Second Engrossment
Moose Lake Sales and Use Tax Authorization
Sales Tax Exemption for Coin Operated Amusement Devices (as Proposed to be Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Extending Special Agricultural Homestead Provision for Qualifying Properties in Marshall County
Weights and Measures (Second Engrossment)
Methadone Treatment Program Provisions (Second Engrossment)
Upper Midwest Community Policing Institute Grant
Judicial Selection Constitutional Amendment (Third Engrossment)
Clarifying Use of Restrictive Procedures
Insurance Policies
Credit for Hiring Long-term Unemployed Individuals
Elimination of Residency Ratio Limits for Recipients of HCBS Waiver and GA Recipients
Cosmetology Board Licensing Requirements Modifications (First Engrossment)
Hennepin County Authority to Negotiate Certain Agreements (First Engrossment)
Modification of Uses of Marshall Lodging Tax and Food and Beverage Tax Revenues
Modifies the MFIP Program (First Engrossment)
Military Leave Use for State and Municipal Employees Provisions Clarification
Small Business Technology Transfer Licensing Agreements (As Proposed to be Amended by A-1)
School Bus Special Event Authorization
General Education Levy
Alternative Publication Authorization
Continuing Care Provisions Modifications
Safe and Healthy Development of Children (First Engrossment)
Agriculture Policy, Second Engrossment
Transportation and Public Safety Division Report (Second Version)
Historic Structure Rehabilitation Credit Modifications
Washington County State Land Conveyance to City of Newport
Authority to Issue Obligations for Bituminous Overlays
Providing Property Tax Exemption for the Target Center
Medical Device Sales Tax Exemption Modification (As Proposed to be Amended by the A-1)
Windom Sales and Use and Excise Tax Authorization
Isanti Area Joint Operating Fire District (First Engrossment)
Annual Permits for Overweight Vehicles
Career and Technical Revenue Modification
Clarifying Basic Skills Requirements for Teacher Candidates
Subtraction for Qualifying Payments to Dental Care Providers (As Proposed to be Amended by A-1)
Providing a Nursing Facility Property Rate Increase
Electronic Roster Pilot Project and Task Force (Second Engrossment)
Domestic Corporation Definition Modification
Requirements Pertaining to Collisions; Changing Terminology
Child Care Assistance Accredation
Repealing the Iron Range Fiscal Disparities Program; Correcting Cross-References
Forensic Laboratories
Transportation Omnibus Policy (Conference Committee Report)
Blue Earth County Library Board
National Board Certification Grant Program for Teachers and Principals
State Labor Agreements and Compensation Plans Ratification (As Amended by the Author's Delete-All Amendment)
Providing for Transfer-on-Death of Title to Motor Vehicle (First Engrossment)
Geospatial Information Office
Subtraction for Certain Railroad Track Maintenance Expenditures
eWorkPlace Telework Program Appropriation
Providing for Disposition of Remnant Steel of I-35W Bridge
Payment Methodology for Home and Community-Based Services
Disabled Veterans Free Public Transit Rides Appropriation (As Amended by SCS1321A-1)
Providing Reimbursement to Hennepin County Taxing Jurisdictions for Disaster Abatements Granted for 2011 Tornado
Modifying Child Care Provider Requirements
City of Forest Lake; TIF Extension
Tax Increment Financing; Temporary Authority
Excluding Income and Assets for Purposes of a Demonstration Project (First Engrossment)
Various Election Law Changes (Committee Engrossment)
Hennepin County Contracting (First Engrossment)
Annexation by Ordinance (First Engrossment)
Fraudulent or Otherwise Improper Financing Statements Felony Penalties Expansion, First Engrossment
Election Law Modifications (Committee Engrossment)
Modification of Authorized Expenditures for Referendum on Local Sales and Use Tax
Public Official Definition Expansion (As Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Rochester Lodging Tax Modification
Exempting Bingo Halls from Combined Receipts Tax (as Proposed to be Amended by A-1)
Metropolitan Airport Commission Meetings (First Engrossment)
School Transit Passes Conditional Appropriation
Domestic Abuse Provisions, First Engrossment
Multiple Points of Use Seller Exemption
Film Production Investment Credit
Juvenile Delinquency Continuance Without Adjudication Time Extension; Expansion of Juvenile Diversion Programs (First Engrossment)
Child Support (First Engrossment)
Greater Minnesota Business Expansion Tax Incentives
City of Eagan; Temporary Tax Increment Financing Authority
Licensing Provisions (2nd Engrossment)
Creating Silica Sand Extraction & Processing Taxes; Increasing Aggregate Tax
Sales Tax Exemption for Nursing Homes and Boarding Care Homes
Modifying Agricultural Homestead Determinations
Limiting Taxable Valuation for Class 4d Property
Sales Tax Exemption for Cities and Counties
Noncommercial Radio Station Grants Conditions Modifications and Appropriations
Modifying PILT Payments for Natural Resource Land
Sales Tax Exemption Modification for Local Units of Government
Modifying Truth-in-Taxation; Requiring Budget Hearing; Repealing Parcel-Specific Notices
Met Council Redistricting
Delinquent Property Taxes; Modifying Confessions of Judgment, Installment Payments & Redemption Periods
State Departments and Veterans Omnibus Budget Act
Collecting City Civil Penalties and Fees as Special Assessments (First Engrossment)
Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council Proposal
Environment, Agriculture, Commerce, and Economic Development Appropriations, Second Engrossment
Medical Use of Cannabis (Fifth Engrossment)
Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practices
Transfer of Cemetery Land to a Tribal Cemetery Association (First Engrossment)
2013 Session Corrections Bill (Senate Floor Amendment)
Chiropractors (As Amended by the A-2 Amendment)
Uniform Collateral Consequences of Conviction Act (First Engrossment)
City of Eagan; Tax Increment Financing
Home and Community-Based Waiver Recipients Residency Ratio Restrictions Modifications (First Engrossment)
Juvenile Treatment Screening Teams
Sustainable Forest Resources Act Update
Itasca County Nursing Home; Issuance of Bonds
Teacher Bargaining Unit Additional Therapists Inclusion
Accreditation of Forensic Laboratories (First Engrossment)
Eliminating Gift Ban Exception for Legislators and Legislative Employees
Deadline Extension to Purchase Voting Equipment
Former Correctional Employees Continued Employer Insurance Contributions Requirement
Modifying MFIP and General Assistance Requirements Related to Random Drug Testing
Modifying Education Opportunities for Participants in the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) (First Engrossment)
Snow Removal Authority Sunset Elimination
Modifying Procedures for Revocation of Professional and Occupational License for Nonpayment of Taxes
Schools Alternative Compensation Preparation Revenue Establishment and Appropriation
Cosmetologist Examiners Board Provisions Modifications - First Engrossment
State Quality Council and Regional Quality Council Modifications and Appropriation
Adding Felony 5th Degree Assault and Certain Felony Domestic Assault Provisions to the Definition of Crime of Violence (First Engrossment)
Vacation Donation
Executive Branch Advisory Groups (First Engrossment)
City of Detroit Lakes; Tax Increment Financing
Expanding Disclosure Requirements for Conflicts of Interest and Statements of Economic Interest - (Committee Engrossment)
Statutory Default Penalty Lowered (First Engrossment)
Veterans Day Time Off Requirement for Veterans - As Amended by the A-1 Amendment
Motor Vehicle Overweight Permits Expiration Date
Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience, and Interior Design Professions Licensing
Registration of Massage and Bodywork Therapists
Early Childhood Education Scholarship Cap Elimination; Elementary Learning Mentorship Pilot Program Creation and Appropriation
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors
Veteran-Owned Small Business Certification for State Procurement
Pay Equity Compliance as a Condition for Certain State Contracts, First Engrossment
Military Members Expedited Licensing Processing Requirements, Second Engrossment
Electronic Roster Study and Authorization (Second Engrossment)
Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics (Delete-Everything Amendment)
Unified Estate and Gift Transfer Tax System
School District Health Insurance Transparency Act (Third Engrossment)
Wabasha Local Option Sales Tax Authorization
Modifying the Caregiver Requirements for Family Child Care (with A-1 Amendment)
Federal Conformity for the Working Family Credit
Sales Tax Exemption for Presentations Accessed as Digital Audioworks or Digital Audiovisual Works (as Proposed to be Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
City of Mound; Tax Increment Financing; Extending Five-Year Rule
Modifying Prior Distribution of Taconite Production Tax to the city of Cook.
Safe Harbor for Exploited Youth
Modification of local government sales tax exemption (as proposed to be amended by the A-2)
Modifying Mental Health Crisis Intervention and Stabilization Services (First Engrossment)
Clarifying Training Requirements for Staff in Adult Foster Homes Serving Individuals with Mental Illness
Dodge County Withdrawal from Southeast Minnesota Multicounty Housing and Redevelopment Authority
Sales Tax Exemption for Residential Heating Fuels
Education Policy Omnibus Bill (First Engrossment)
Board of Nursing; Health Professionals Services Program; and other Health-Related Licensing Board Changes (First Engrossment)
Officer Richard Crittenden Memorial Highway Designation
Modifications of Various Advisory Councils and Task Forces
Administration of Opiate Antagonists
Board of Optometry
Property Tax Exemption for Personal Property of Electric Generation Facility
Campaign Finance; Expressly Advocating; Electioneering Communications; Prorating Certain Donations (Second Engrossment)
Modifying Executive Branch Advisory Groups; Provisions Related to Transportation/Public Safety
Public Construction Contracts-Responsible Contractors (Third Engrossment)
School District Election District Dissolution (Unofficial Committee Engrossment)
South Saint Paul School District Election District Dissolution
Cedar Lake Area Watershed and Sanitary Sewer District No. of Connections; Helena Township Disposal of Property (First Engrossment)
Wireless Communications Device Dealer Regulations (Second Engrossment)
Women Veterans Special License Plates Establishment
Aircraft tax rate clarification
ICF/DD and Long-Term Care Provider Rate Adjustment -As Amended by the A-1 Amendment
Establishing a Working Group for Offenders with Mental Illness, Second Engrossment
Sales Tax Exemption for Bullion Coin (as Proposed to be Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Modifying Filing of Petition for Relief from Conviction
Groundwater Sustainability (First Engrossment)
Hospital Construction Moratorium Exception (A-1 Amendment)
Pharmacy Board Provisions (Second Engrossment)
Nicholas Patrick Spehar Memorial Highway Designation
North Branch Public Utilities Commission Membership Increase
Newborn Screening Program Modifications (First Engrossment)
Border to Border Broadband Infrastructure Program
Farmers' Market Food Sampling and Demonstration (First Engrossment)
City of Shoreview; Tax Increment Financing; Duration Extension
Construction Industry Registration and Independent Contractor Status
Combat Wounded Veterans Motorcycle Plates
Establishing a Medical Assistance Benefit for Detoxification Services
Dakota County Adopting Manager Plan of Government
Minnesota Secure Choice Retirement Savings Plan Establishment
MnDOT Advisory Groups Law Modifications
Omnibus Health and Human Services Policy (First Engrossment)
Requiring Political Contributions to be Made from Funds Subject to the Individual Income Tax (Committee Engrossment)
Deputy Registrar Residency Requirement Removal (First Engrossment)
Renewable Chemical and Advanced Biofuel Development
Vehicles Used in Environmental Testing Permitted Uses Modification
All-Payer Claims Data (First Engrossment)
Threading Services Cosmetology Licensing Exemption
Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children
Sales Tax Exemption for Materials Donated to a Library (as Proposed to be Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Preventing Children in Foster Care from Being Exposed to Secondhand Tobacco Smoke (First Engrossment)
Minnesota Prescription Monitoring Program (First Engrossment)
Board of Pharmacy (First Engrossment)
MnDOT Housekeeping Bill (Second Engrossment)
Increasing the Medical Assistance Personal Needs Allowance
Hennepin County Multijurisdictional Reinvestment Program (First Engrossment)
St. Paul Port Authority Authorization to Conduct Meetings by Phone or Electronic Means
Temporary Sales Tax Amnesty for Animal Shelters
Ignition Interlock Program (Second Engrossment)
Real Property Acquisition by State Agencies Regulations
Authorizing use of Traffic Safety Pretrial Diversion Programs
Requiring Hospitals to Give Written Notice of Rights to Victims of Sexual Assault (First Engrossment)
Department of Employment and Economic Development Unemployment Compensation Bill
Funeral Establishments
Lead and Mercury-Containing Products Regulation (First Engrossment)
Environmental Permitting and Regulatory Modifications (First Engrossment)
Judicial Branch Policy
Employee Definition To Reflect The School Calendar For Purposes Of Parental Leave (First Engrossment)
Expungement (Second Engrossment)
City of St. Paul; Tax Increment Financing
Sales Tax Exemption for Machinery and Equipment Purchased by Nonprofit Snowmobile Clubs
Drainage Law Modification
2014 Game and Fish (Second Engrossment)
Propane Tanks and Accessories Sales Tax Exemption
Continuing Care Provisions Modifications
Modifying Provisions Relating to Children and Family Services (First Engrossment)
Partial Payment or Reimbursement of Costs from a Party Proceeding in Forma Pauperis
Public Beaches (First Engrossment)
Joint Powers Cooperative Secondary Facility; School Construction and Improvement Trust Account
General Fund Budget Reserve Level - The First Engrossment
Metropolitan Council Transit and Paratransit Bonding Authority
Pupil Transportation Modifications
Met Council Additional Investment Options
Wolf Management Provisions Modifications (First Engrossment)
Eliminating the County Share for Certain Adult Mental Health Case Management Services
Duluth Local Food and Beverage and Lodging Taxes
Automatic External Defibrillators (Second Engrossment)
Transportation Accessibility Advisory Committee Scope of Jurisdiction Expansion
Minnesota Driver's License and Identification Card Applications Process Modification
Light Rail Transit (LRT) Vehicles Design Standards Adoption and Report Requirement
Metropolitan Council “Unsession” Bill (First Engrossment)
Lower St. Croix Wild and Scenic River (First Engrossment)
Miscellaneous Juvenile Law Changes (First Engrossment)
Authorizing Use of Traffic Offense Educational Diversion Programs (Second Engrossment)
Pollution Control Agency (PCA) Classification of Waters Rule Notices (First Engrossment)
Baxter and Brainerd Local Sales Taxes Extensions (as Proposed to be Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Higher Chemical Dependency Payment Rates for Culturally Specific Substance use Disorder Programs
Compensation Council Authority for Compensation of Legislators Elimination (First Engrossment)
Electronic Voter Registration (First Engrossment)
Railroad Yard Lighting Standards Establishment
Volunteer First Responder Credit (as Proposed to be Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
2014 Special Education Case Load Task Force Recommendations (First Engrossment)
Soil and Water Conservation District Election Districts (Committee Engrossment)
Local Public Health System
MN.IT Services Office Unnecessary or Obsolete Language Elimination
Military Affairs Department Obsolete, Redundant and Unnecessary Laws Elimination (First Engrossment)
Confidential Employee Definition Modification (First Engrossment)
Lawful Gambling Fraud Provision Modification
Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons (First Engrossment)
City of Edina; Tax Increment Financing
State Government Investment Reporting Modification
Electronic Voter Registration - As Amended by the A-2 Amendment
Omnibus Liquor Bill (Second Engrossment)
Commerce Department Bill (First Engrossment)
Nursing Home Moratorium Exception Projects (A-1 Amendment)
Biodiesel Content Requirements
Affidavits of Candidacy; Filing Petitions (As Amended by the Author's Amendment)
Department of Health
Location Equity Revenue Eligibility
Insurance Fraud Prevention (Second Engrossment)
Providing that Certain Human Services Advisory Councils Do Not Expire (First Engrossment)
Solid Waste Recycling Provisions Modifications (First Engrossment)
Federal Tax Conformity
Election Administration Modifications and Technical Changes (First Engrossment)
Tax Increment Financing; Providing Use for Certain Workforce Housing
Department of Human Services "Unsession" Bill (First Engrossment)
Sale of Hospital District Property to Private Hospital (First Engrossment)
Data Sharing for Voter Registration Purposes (First Engrossment)
Campaign Finance Technical Bill (Third Engrossment)
Department of Corrections "Unsession" Bill
State Employees with Disabilities Central Accommodation Fund
Executive Branch Advisory Groups Governing Provisions Modifications (First Engrossment)
Addressing the Needs of Incarcerated Women Related to Pregnancy and Childbirth
Driver and Vehicle Services Licenses and Permits Modifications (First Engrossment)
Highway Work Zone Safety (as amended by A-1 Amendment)
Animal Anticruelty Laws and Practices Enforcement Review Task Force Establishment (First Engrossment)
City of Albert Lea Local Option Sales Tax
Additional Disclosure Requirements for Lobbyists, Principals, and Political Committees and Funds (As Amended by the A-2 Amendment)
2014 Lands Bill (First Engrossment)
Home Care Provider Licensing
Limousine Regulations Modifications (as amended by A-2 amendment)
Authorizing Auditor-Treasurer and Recorder to be Combined and Appointed
Government Access to Electronic Device Location Information (Second Engrossment)
Administrative Rulemaking Process Regulations And Provisions Modifications (First Engrossment, as Amended by the A14-1101 Delete-Everything Amendment)
Open Meeting Law Notifications Expansion for State Agencies
Imprisonment and Exoneration Remedies Act (First Engrossment)
Increased Working Family Credit (as Proposed to be Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Public Employment Joint Powers Agreement Employee Protections Authorization - First Engrossment
Contracting Grants Management Process and Contract Management Provisions
Angel Investment Tax Credit Modifications (as Proposed to be Amended by the A-6 Amendment)
Public Employment Relations Board Establishment (First Engrossment)
Disability Parking for Legal Wards Provisions Modifications
School District Debt Service, Health and Safety Levy, Alternative Facilities Revenue, and Deferred Maintenance Revenue Equalizations Revision
Human Services and Health Care Provisions Modifications
Predatory Offender Registration and Third Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct Changes
Human Services Background Studies (First Engrossment)
Extension of Sales Tax Exemption to Certain Authorities
Eliminating Part-time Peace Officer Licensure
St. Louis County Board Terms
Railroad Employees Motor Carriers Regulation Modification (as Amended by A-1 Amendment)
Constitutional Amendment to Remove Lawmakers' Power to Set Their Own Pay (Second Engrossment)
Allowing Noncontiguous Community Corrections Act (CCA) Districts
Community Destination Sign Pilot Program (A-1 Delete-Everything Amendment)
Automated Property System (as amended by the A-1 amendment)
Disaster Assistance, as Amended by the Author’s SCS2601A-3 Amendment
Capital Investment, the Second Engrossment
Repeal of Grand Rapids Central School Commission Law
Grand Rapids Public Utility Commission Terms
Department of Public Safety Transportation “Unsession” Bill
MnDOT Policy Modifications (First Engrossment)
MnDOT "Unsession" Bill
Department of Public Safety "Unsession" Bill - Criminal Justice Provisions
Bulk Transfer of Driver and Vehicle Data (First Engrossment)
Changes to Firearms Provisions (First Engrossment)
Lawful Gambling (First Engrossment)
In-Home Nursing Services Modifications (A-1 Amendment)
Clarifying Testing Requirements for Teacher Licensure
Minnesota Historical Society Provisions Technical Modifications
Human Services Uniform Public Assistance Program Eligibility and Verification Establishment (First Engrossment)
Nonemergency Medical Transportation Services (Second Engrossment)
Disability-Related Angling and Hunting Licenses; Special Designations on Driver's License (First Engrossment)
Fire Service Advisory Committee; Fire Safety Account Appropriation
Disability Waiver Rates System Modifications
Modifying the Definition of Real Property
Firearm Possession in Courthouses and the Capitol Area; Capitol Security; Appropriation
Early Learning Scholarships Expansion and Appropriations; Home Visiting Programs Pilot Project and Appropriations; Licensed Family Child Care Voluntary Quality Improvement Pilot Project (A-1 Amendment)
Towing Order Requirements
Probation Officers Employment Protections
Modifying Provisions Governing the Administration of Neuroleptic Medication (with the A-1 Amendment)
Authorizing the Second and Fifth Judicial Districts to Establish Standards for Using GPS to Monitor Domestic Violence Offenders (First Engrossment)
Legislative Salary Council Establishment
Health and Human Services Omnibus Bill
Health and Human Services Omnibus Bill
City of Waite Park Local Option Sales Tax
Local Government Campaign Reports Available On-Line (First Engrossment)
Supplemental Budget Bill
Oil and Hazardous Materials Rail Corridor Grade Crossing Safety
Oil and Hazardous Materials Railroad and Pipeline Safety, Emergency Response (with A-1 Amendment)
Railroad and Pipeline Safety Emergency Response Preparedness (First Engrossment)
Sales Tax Exemption for Agricultural Drainage Tiles
Study of North Dakota Oil Production; Impact on Minnesota
Metropolitan Airports Commission Noise Monitoring Study
Transportation and Public Safety Supplemental Budget (Division Report, as Amended by the A32 Amendment)
Transportation Finance; Modifying Certain Appropriations and Transfers (As Amended by A-1 Amendment)
Graduated Driver Licensing (First Engrossment)
Removal of Sunset on Sales Tax Exemption for Admission to Certain Events
End of Session Corrections Bill
Increased Threshold for June Accelerated Remittances
Regular Session, House Files
Minnesota Insurance Marketplace Act, (Conference Committee Report)
(S.F. No. 385) Automated License Plate Reader Data
Omnibus Early Childhood through Grade 12 Education Budget Bill, First Unofficial Engrossment
Omnibus Tax Bill
Creation of Legislative Water Commission (First Unofficial Engrossment)
Affordable Care Act Conformity and Health Market Rules (Unofficial Engrossment)
Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act (Fifth Unofficial Engrossment)
S.F. No. 677 - Elections Omnibus Bill (Conference Committee Report)
General Fund Capital Investment Bill, The Fourth Engrossment
Health and Human Services (Laws 2013, Chapter 108)
MN.IT Services and Minnesota Management and Budget Changes (The Unofficial Engrossment)
Transportation and Public Safety (Second Unofficial Engrossment)
The Unofficial Engrossment
Executive Branch Advisory Groups - The Conference Committee Report
Electronic Voter Registration
Conference Committee Report - Omnibus K-12 Education Policy and Technical Bill
Omnibus Health and Human Services Policy (The Conference Committee Report)
Capital Investment, The Third Engrossment
Women's Economic Security Act
Public Employment Relations Board Establishment (The Unofficial Engrossment)
Department of Public Safety "Unsession" Bill - Criminal Justice Provisions
Omnibus Supplemental Tax Bill Conference Committee Report
Omnibus Supplemental Appropriations Bill, The Conference Committee Report

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