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Each legislative session, the legal and research staff of Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis Office creates summaries for selected bills. When bills are passed by both bodies and signed by the governor, summaries may be created for selected acts.

Bill summaries are listed on this page. View Act Summaries

For background information on the bills process, see Frequently Asked Questions about the Minnesota Legislature.

To find summaries for another year, select the desired year from the pull down menu.

Staff from the office of Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis create side-by-side comparison summaries in collaboration with House Research and Fiscal staff that summarize and compare similar bill provisions to be negotiated in a conference committee. These summaries are used by elected representatives and staff to guide their work in the negotiation process. See Side-by-Side Summaries

2011 - 2012 Bill Summaries
First Special Session - 2011, Senate Files
Public Safety and Judiciary Finance Omnibus Bill
Flood and Windstorm Relief
Jobs, Economic Development, and Housing
Environment/Energy/Commerce Omnibus Bill
Transportation Omnibus Bill
Higher Education Omnibus Bill
Omnibus Tax Bill
Omnibus Bonding Bill
Heath and Human Services Budget Bill
Regular Session, Senate Resolutions
Permanent Rules of the Senate
Regular Session, Senate Files
Job Creation Bill
Personal Care Assistance Pilot Project
Homeowners Insurance Surcharge Disclosure (SCS0026A-1 delete-everything amendment)
Healthy Minnesota Contribution Program (Second Engrossment)
Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act (Second Engrossment)
Teacher licensure provisions modifications; alternative teacher preparation program and limited-term teacher license establishment (first engrossment)
Environmental Permitting (Third Engrossment)
Federal Conformity for Health Care Coverge of Adult Children (as proposed to be amended)
State Lands
Female Veteran Special License Plate Designation (Delete-Everything Amendment SCS0051A-2)
School District Budget Relief (First Engrossment)
Appropriations Reductions for Fiscal Year 2011 (First Engrossment)
Publicly Owned Nursing Facility Additional Local Share of Costs and Payment Rate Clarification
Cities Prohibited from Regulating Wells (A-2 Amendment)
Home Schools Mandate and Reporting Requirement Reduction (first engrossment)
Reduction in State Workforce (First Engrossment)
Nursing Facility Operating Payment Rates Proximity Adjustments Modification
Authorizing the City of Taylor Falls to Create Border City Development Zone
Renewable Energy Standard
Public Safety Dogs (First Engrossment)
Red Wing Port Authority Term Length (A-1 Delete Everything Amendment)
Use of Aeronautic Funds by the City of Paynesville
Public Employee Labor Relations Act Definitions of "Public Employee"
Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act
Lead Poisoning Prevention
High School Assessment for College and Career Readiness Determination Establishment
Zero-Based Budgeting; Agency Sunset Process (Author's Delete-Everything Amendment)
Remedies for Unlawful or Deceptive Trade Practices; Appeals of Court Orders Related to Class Actions
State Primary Election Returns Canvassing Time Frame Modifications - (Delete-Everything Amendment - SCS0156A-2)
Watercraft Titling (First Engrossment)
Gold Star License Plate Eligibility Expansion
DR-1941 Area Dam Removal and Streambed Renovation (as amended by the SCS0187A-7 amendment)
Designating Arianna Celeste Macnamara Memorial Bridge
Vulnerable Adults (first engrossment)
Careless Driving Resulting in Death
Early Graduation Achievement Scholarship Program Creation and Appropriation
Negotiations of Teacher Employment Contracts (First Engrossment)
Manufactured Home Inspections, Alternative Design Plans, and Reinstallation Requirements (First Engrossment)
Eminent Domain Discharge of Easement
Nurse Licensure Compact (Second Engrossment)
Common Interest Association Records (author's amendment)
Employer Participation in Selection of Public Employees Insurance Program; Local Government Health Insurance Plan Changes (First Engrossment)
Teacher Contracts Qualified Economic Offer Procedure (The Delete-Everything Amendment)
Legislative Approval for Agency Rules with Cost Thresholds (First Engrossment)
Interim Ordinances and Municipal Development Contracts (Second Engrossment)
Expanding Authority of Anoka County to Finance Costs of Countywide Public Safety Improvements (First Engrossment)
Minnesota Business Investment Company Credit
Dental Laboratories
Health and Safety Revenue Program Modification
Home Solicitation Sales
Expanding Fourth-Degree Assault
Dental Plan Provider Agreements (as amended by the SCS0302A-2 amendment)
Providing Interstate Contracts for Detoxification
MNovate Commission
Designating John W. Liebenstein Memorial Highway
Early Childhood Education Scholarships and Tax Credits
Family Farmers Special License Plates (First Engrossment)
Leased Vehicle Registration; Motor Vehicle Dealer Records Maintenance (SCS0341A-1 Amendment)
Veterans Waiver of Immunity to Sue State for USERRA Violations
Modifying Personal Care Assistance Services (The First Engrossment)
Gross Weight Seasonal Increases for Sweet Corn Transportation
Motor Vehicle Title and Registration Filing Fees (SCS0368A-1)
Medical Assistance Medical Nonemergency Transportation Single Administrative Structure Proposal Requirement
Statutes of Limitations
Hannah's Law
Metropolitan Council Sewer Treatment Services (First Engrossment)
Professional Services Contracts
No-Fault Auto Insurance Reforms (first engrossment)
Special License Plate for Retired Firefighters (First Engrossment)
Modification of Distribution of Minerals Management Account
Maintenance Plumber Definition and Licensing Requirement (First Engrossment)
Innovative Energy Project - Excelsior Energy (delete-everything amendment)
Event Ticket Regulation -second engrossment
Attorney Fee Awards
Disability Parking Provisions (Delete-Everything Amendment)
Minnesota Pay for Performance Pilot Program
School District Career and Technical Levy Formula Modification; Career and Technical Education Academic Credit Requirement
Specifying Changes in Driver's License Reinstatement Diversion Pilot Program (SCS0471A-1 Amendment)
Exemption to the Food, Beverage, and Lodging Establishment Chapter
Motorcycle License Plates for Physically Disabled Persons
Voter Identification and Issuance Requirements
Capital Equipment Sales Tax Exemption at Time of Purchase (As Introduced)
Overtime for Air Carriers
Controlled Substances
Temporary Replacement Rental Vehicle (first engrossment)
Requiring Voters to Provide Picture Identification Before Receiving a Ballot (Conference Committee Report)
American Red Cross Special License Plates (Second Engrossment)
Trunk Highway 332
Interest Rate on Verdicts, Awards, and Judgments
Marijuana Definition
Medical Assistance Nonemergency Medical Transportation Changes Requirements
Utility Regulation - Multiyear Rate Plan (delete-everything amendment)
Minnesota Zoo - Dakota County Lands Interest Extension
State Agency Rulemaking Adoption Legislative Approval Requirement
Air Admittance Valves Prohibition Repeal
Limitation of Damages for Noneconomic Detriment
Certain Insurance Notices
Prostitution Penalties
No-Fault Auto Insurance Repeal
Secretary of State Legal Fees Payment (as Amended by the Author's A-1 Amendment)
Graduation Required Assessment for Diploma (GRAD) Mathematics Requirements Exception Removal; High School Assessment for College and Career Readiness Determination and Establishment
Establishing Youth Athletic Concussion Policies
Modifying Nursing Facility Provisions (The Conference Committee Report)
Labor and Industry Rulemaking, Enforcement, and Safety and Health Provisions Modifications
Modifying Teacher Licensure, Evaluations, and Tenure (Delete-All Amendment)
Joint Dedication Fees for Minneapolis and Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board
Community Spousal Contribution for Long-Term Care Expenses
Public Employee Insurance Program (PEIP)
Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (The Delete-Everything Amendment)
Uniform Dislcaimer of Property Interests
Registration and Plate Requirements for Conservation Officer Vehicles
DNR Law Enforcement Provisions
Exempting Certain Payments from MinnesotaCare Tax (As Introduced)
Human Cloning Prohibited (Second Engrossment)
Lawful Gambling: Electronic Bingo and Pull-Tabs (Delete-Everything Amendment - SCS0702A-1)
Disposition of Certain Animals
MA-EPD Program Modification (Delete-Everything Amendment SCS0726A-5)
Health and Human Services Omnibus Policy Bill (The First Engrossment)
Reducing Deputy Commissioners and Eliminating Assistant Commissioner Positions (First Engrossment)
Joint Legislative Administrative Services Offering by Legislative Coordinating Commission (LCC)
Hospital Moratorium Exception for Expanded Psychiatric Hospital Bed Capacity
Teacher Termination and Discharge Procedure Modification
Online Insurance Verification System
Social Work License Modifications (First Engrossment) (Judiciary Issues)
Omnibus Health and Human Services Finance Bill (The Conference Committee Report)
Dental Licensing-Judiciary Issues
Authorizing Red Wing to Convey Certain Property (First Engrossment)
Contractor Withholding
Concurrent Detachment and Annexation (First Engrossment)
Long-Term Care Consultation and Elderly Waiver Modifications
State Agency Real Estate Lease Changes and Lease Evaluation Services
Public Employee Health Insurance Plan Changes
Public Pension Contribution Rates; Changes
Prevailing Hours of Labor for Highway and Heavy Construction Projects
Single Public Health Care Program Establishment Plan Requirement
Inmate Healthcare Co-Payments
Worker Classification Regulation
Public Employees Long-Term Care Insurance Program Local Government Employee Participation Authorization
St. Louis County Fairs and Tax Status of Fairgrounds (First Engrossment)
Tax Policy Bill
In Forma Pauperis Proceedings (The First Engrossment)
Annuity Regulation, Second Engrossment
Evaluation of Health Coverage Mandates (Delete-Everything Amendment)
Expansion of eCharging
Required Fingerprinting
Jobs, Economic Development, and Housing Appropriations (Second Engrossment)
County Audits Performed by a Certified Public Accountant (Second Engrossment)
Transportation Omnibus Budget Bill (Third Engrossment)
Omnibus Liquor Bill (The First Engrossment)
Election Administration and Districting Procedures (First Engrossment)
Single Source Acquisition of Public Safety Equipment (First Engrossment)
Higher Education (Second Engrossment)
Residential Property Rights (SCS0926A-3 delete-everything amendment)
Increasing Size of Melrose Public Utility Commission (First Engrossment)
Back Office Consolidation Act (As Amended by the A-5 and an Oral Amendment Adopted by the Subcommittee on Reform on 3/2/12)
Public Safety Deficiency Bill
Game and Fish (Fourth Engrossment)
Public Defender Provisions (first engrossment)
Transferring and Terminating Neighborhood Revitalization Programs (First Engrossment)
Termination of Hennepin County Soil and Water Conservation District (Second Engrossment)
Public Safety and Judiciary Finance Omnibus Bill (Conference Committee Report)
Pharmacy Audit Program (First Engrossment)
Requiring Crossing Control Arms on School Buses
Office of Administrative Hearings Disposition of Contested Case Hearings Requirement
Laws 2011, Chapter 65, Vacancies in Nominations
Modification of Vendor Remittance Schedule (As Introduced)
Conference Committee Report, Omnibus Agriculture and Rural Economies Budget
Sex Offender Civil Commitment Provisions Modification
Statewide Public Defense System County Opt Out
H.F. 1010-Omnibus Environment and Natural Resources Budget Bill (Conference Committee Report)
Education Omnibus Bill (third engrossment)
Provisions Relating to State Agency Responses to Natural Disasters
Department of Commerce Technical Bill (first engrossment)
Racino and Minnesota Future Fund
State Government Appropriations (As Passed by the Senate)
Criminal Background Checks for Nurses (First Engrossment)
Board of Nursing
Pickup Trucks Registration and Plates
Black and Yellow Trail
Immunity for Recreational Use of School Property and Facilities (Second Engrossment)
Transportation Omnibus Policy Bill (First Engrossment)
Alternative Financing and Investment Pilot Transportation Project (First Engrossment)
Alternative Enforcement Actions for Tobacco Sales to Minors
Definition of Public Impound Lot
Controlled Substances
Education Boards Authorization and School Boards reorganization as Education Boards (The Professional Empowerment Act)
My Life, My Choices Task Force Creation (The Second Engrossment)
Operation and Registration of Certain Vehicles (First Engrossment)
Natural Resources Policy; Conference Committee Report
Video Lottery Ticket Dispensing Machines
Telephone Access Minnesota Program (first engrossment)
Gang Nuisance Law
Highway Construction Projects Contract Bid Preferences Modifications
Electric-Assisted Bicycle Operation and Regulation
State Agency Programs Designation as Performance-Based Organizations for Persons With Disabilities (The First Engrossment)
State Agency Programs Designation as Performance-Based Organizations for Persons With Disabilities (The First Engrossment)
Motor Vehicle License Placement Clarification
Government Data Practices and Open Meeting Law (Conference Committee Report)
Third-Party Administrators Participation in the State Health Care Programs
Providing for Construction Manager/General Contractor Contracts (with SCS1147A-2 Amendment)
Prohibiting Certain Activities on Rail Bank Property (First Engrossment)
Department of Transportation Data Practices
Creation of the Metropolitan Transportation Board (First Engrossment)
Group Insurance Portability Act
Workers Compensation Advisory Council Recommendations (Second Engrossment)
Marriage Dissolution and Legal Separation Education Requirements (Author's Amendment)
Education Policy Provisions (first engrossment)
Case Management Services Appeals Conference Requirement (The First Engrossment)
Human Services Supplemental Service Contracts Authorization
Zoning Provisions for Vacation Rentals (First Engrossment)
Exemption from Municipal Approval for Hydroelectric Facility
Prevailing Wage Provisions Modifications
Governor's Workforce Development Council, Public Library Member Addition (First Engrossment)
Financial Institutions Technical Bill (first engrossment)
Modifying Family Day Care Requirements
Safe at Home Program Protective Orders
Driver's License Credit and Debit Card Payment
Authorizing Certain Marshall County Offices to be Appointed
Commissioner of Transportation Subpoena Powers
Campaign Finance Procedures - Judiciary Issues
“Start Seeing Motorcycles” Special Plates
Innocent Successor Asbestos-Related Liability Fairness Act (First Engrossment)
Environment and Natural Resources Policy (Third Engrossment)
Free Public Parking for Vehicles with Military/Veterans' Special Plates (As Amended by the A-4 Amendment)
County Audits, Publications, and Other Mandates (Second Engrossment)
Modifying Formula for Municipal State Aid to Cities
Professional Athlete Drug and Alcohol Testing Provisions Modifications (First Engrossment)
Gratuity Sharing (First Engrossment)
Capitol Area Security-Judiciary Issues
New Federal Requirements Relating to Nursing Home Payment and Resident Case Mix Classification
Minnesota Sex Offender Program Provisions Modifications
Highway Toll Lanes
Standards for Imposition of Civil Penaties by State Agencies; Award of Fees and Expenses (Author's Amendment)
Agriculture and Rural Economies Policy (First Engrossment)
Hennepin County Mortgage Registry & Deed Tax
The Minnesota Accountable Government Innovation and Collaboration (MAGIC) Act (Second Engrossment)
Clean Water Partnership Program (The First Engrossment)
Castle Doctrine and Firearms Changes (First Engrossment)
Legislative Commission on Planning and Fiscal Policy Duties (first engrossment)
Outdoor Heritage, Clean Water, Parks and Trails, and Arts and Cultural Heritage Appropriations (Second Engrossment)
Use of Court Data for Determining Voter Status (First Engrossment)
Parenting Time (Delete Everything Amendment)
Foster Care Licensing Moratorium Exception for Autism Authorization (As Amended by the A-6 Amendment)
Unaffixed Manufactured Home from Real Property (First Engrossment)
Performance Rewards on Fast Investment Today (PROFIT) Program Establishment
Licensure for Medical Laboratory Science Professionals (The First Engrossment)
Proctor Local Sales Tax Authorization
Detachment of Property from a Municipality (First Engrossment)
City of Bovey; Local Government Aid
Capital Equipment Sales Tax Exemption at Time of Purchase
Fallen Firefighters Memorial Day
Modifying Definition of Income, Property Tax Refund
Modifying Requirements for the Public Assistance Electronic Benefit Transfer Card and Imposing a Residency Requirement
City of St. Paul; Extending and Increasing Bond Authority
Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience, and Interior Design Professional Licensing Provisions and Fees Modifications
Voluntary Certification of Good Manufacturing Practices for Animal Feed and Feed Ingredients
Contingent Appropriation for Highways Authorization (First Engrossment)
Wind Easement Limits
Accident Prevention Refresher Course
Community Paramedic Services (First Engrossment)
Local Government Authority to Convey Property to Veteran Service Organizations (A-2 Amendment)
Income Tax Rate Modification
Electrical Inspections Appropriation and Operation Continuation (First Engrossment)
Contingent Appropriation to the Commissioners of Transportation and Public Safety (Delete-Everything Amendment SCS1561A-3)
Environmental Permit Streamlining (Conference Committee Report)
Public Benefit Corporations, First Engrossment
Higher Education Omnibus Bill (Chapter 270)
Voter ID Constitutional Amendment (Unofficial Engrossment)
City of Big Fork; Local Government Aid
Vulnerable Adult Felony Deprivation and Unreasonable Restraint of a Child Changes (as passed by the Conference Committee)
Reducing State General Levy, Increasing Property Tax Refund
Enhancements to Veterans Preferences in Hiring and Contracts (Second Engrossment)
Permissive Preference for Veterans in Private Employment
Sheriff Vehicle Paint Color List Expanded (First Engrossment)
Small Business Regulatory Review Board (Second Engrossment)
Levy Limits; Removing Inclusion of Wind Energy Production Tax
City of Oakdale; TIF Extension
Eminent Domain Relocation Assistance
Child Care Accreditation Standard Requirement Modification (As Amended by the A-3 Amendment)
Business Property Taxes
St. Louis County Land Sale
Occupational Regulation
Moratorium on Rulemaking (Second Engrossment)
Biodiesel Minimum Content Exceptions
Rent/Lease-to-Own Vehicles
State Government Executive Branch Departments, Agencies, and Offices Reduction, as Amended by the A-1 Amendment
Minnesota National Guard Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Program Civil Immunity (as Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Income Tax Credit for Past Military Service Eligibility Modification
Bloomington TIF Extension; Met Center
State Agency Reorganization Study Requirement (As Amended by the A-2 Amendment)
Independent Contractors Provision Modifications
Qualified Domestic Violence-Related Offense Definition Expansion
Municipal State-Aid Street (MSAS) Fund Eligibility and Allocation (Delete-Everything Amendment SCS1661A-2)
Mixed Municipal Solid Waste Services Business; Inverse Condemnation (First Engrossment)
Met Council Land Use Planning Provisions Made Advisory
Municipal Approval of Light Rail Transit Facilities
Small Business Capital Equipment Sales Tax Exemption at Time of Purchase
Public Value Impact Statements for Financial and Regulatory Impact of Proposed Legislation
Contractor Bond Requirements for Public Work (First Engrossment)
Children and Family Services-Judiciary Issues (First Engrossment)
City of Apple Valley, Tax Increment Financing Extension
Authorizing Apple Valley Redevelopment TIF District
Public Defender Changes (1st Engrossment)
Council Expiration Dates Exception (First Engrossment)
Prohibiting Indemnity Provision in Motor Carrier Transportation Contracts
Veterans Reemployment Rights Protection Extension, as Amended by the A-1 Amendment
Using a Teacher's Subject Matter Licensure, Evaluation Outcomes and Seniority to Make Unrequested Leave of Absence, Discharge, and Demotion Decisions (Unofficial Committee Engrossment)
Fireworks (Second Engrossment)
Modifying State-Aid Rulemaking; Reallocating Certain Vehicle Fee Revenues; Requiring Report on Water-Related Permitting (First Engrossment)
Adult Foster Care Homes Program Modification (First Engrossment)
Restaurant Recovery and Jobs Creation Act (First Engrossment)
Long-Term Care Consultation Requirements
Immigrant and Minority Microloan Program
State Building Code Modifications
Establishing Motorcycle Road Guard Certificate
Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (First Engrossment)
Race Horse Medication Regulatory Threshold Concentrations set by the Minnesota Racing Commission
Reports of Accidents Involving State-Owned Infrastructure
Modifying Speed Limits
Motor Vehicle Salvage Title Regulation and Damage Disclosure Modification (with Delete-Everything Amendment SCS1734A-1)
Banking Issues
Local Government Investments and Deposits (First Engrossment)
Property Management Real Estate Licensees
Municipal Budget Reporting Requirements (First Engrossment)
Legislators Retirement Plan Provisions Modification and Clarification
Challenge Incarceration Program (CIP) Eligibility Criteria
Lands Bill (First Engrossment)
FastTRAC Adult Career Pathway Program Establishment
Individuals Under Guardianship Voter Eligibility Provisions
Lawful Gambling Per Diem Reimbursement Modification for Military Marching, Color Guard, or Honor Guard Units
State Employees Unpaid Leave Option to Avoid Layoffs Establishment (As Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Elimination of Redundant Department of Corrections (DOC) Performance Measures Report
Sale of Sandstone EDA Apartments
Jobs Now Tax Credit; Corporate Franchise Tax Decrease; Sales and Use Taxes Retailer and Solicitor Presumption
Motor Vehicle Title Clarification (First Engrossment)
Modifying Definition of Health Plan Companies
State Health and Human Services Provisions Modifications and Reforms (First Engrossment)
USDOT Number on Farm Trucks Requirements Modification
Accreditation of Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Services
Managed Care and County-Based Purchasing Plan Financial Audit
DWI Statutory Reference Correction
Modifying Property Tax Statements for Special Taxing Districts
Natural Resources Policy (Second Engrossment)
Clarifying Market Value Based Levy, Debt, and Other Limitations
Help America Vote Act Appropriations
Natural Resources Policy (First Engrossment-Judiciary Issues)
City of Vesta; Local Government Aid
E-Verify Program Usage Requirement (As Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Lawful Gambling Licensed Organizations Authority to Contribute Net Profits to 501(c)(19) Organizations
Concrete Diamond Grinding and Saw Slurry
Allowing Out-of-State Residential Mental Health Treatment for Certain Children
Theft of Motor Fuel
Fraudulent/Improper Financial Statements
Property and Casualty Coverage, Second Engrossment
Emergency Medical Personnel Licensing Changes
Modifying Levy Authority for Cook-Orr Hospital District
Authorizing Certain Dodge County and Clay County Offices to be Appointed
Historic Structure Rehabilitation Credit Sunset Extension
Autism Residential Campus Plan Development Authorization
Cooper/Sams Volunteer Ambulance Program (Delete-Everything Amendment)
Debt Collectors (Second Engrossment)
School Trust Land Management (Second Engrossment)
Assumed Names Filing Requirements
City of Maple Grove; Creation of TIF District
Capital Equipment Sales Tax Exemption at Time of Purchase
Physical Presence of the Physician when Certain Abortion-Inducing Drugs are Administered
Changing Interest Rates on Delinquent Property Taxes
Energy Forward Pricing Mechanisms for Government Agencies Provisions Modifications
Licensure of Certain Facilities that Perform Abortions (The First Engrossment)
State Agency Rules Review and Reporting Methods Provisions Modifications, as Amended by the A-4 Amendment
Substitute principals continuing education requirements clarification
Health Care Compact
Township Mutual Combination Policies
Omnibus Game and Fish (Second Engrossment)
Wolf Hunting and Trapping (First Engrossment)
Nursing Facility Rate Equalization Provisions Modification
Nursing Facility, Elderly Waiver and Alternative Care Program Rate Adjustments
Permit Management and Coordination
Law Enforcement Access to Department of Human Services Electronic Civil Commitment Data
Statewide Freight Plan (First Engrossment)
City of Brooklyn Park; TIF
Window Cleaning Safety Measures
Omnibus Jobs Bill (First Engrossment)
Racing Commission and State Lottery Continuing Operations Under Government Shutdown (as Amended by the A-2 Amendment)
Construction Code Fund and Fire Safety Account Transfers Elimination
Community Notification for Persons Released from the Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP) (First Engrossment)
Qualified Brewer Tax Credit Qualification Modification
Adult Foster Care Home Mental Illness Certification and Moratorium Exception (As Amended by the A-1 Amendment)
Staggered Terms for Met Council Members
TIF; Modifying Expenditures Outside District
Authorizing the Department of Corrections Fugitive Apprehension Unit to Apply for Search Warrants
Insurance Agent Regulation, First Engrossment
Authorizing Dakota County Redevelopment TIF District
Wetland Conservation Act Modifications
Election Provisions Relating to Convicted Felons (First Engrossment)
Nursing Facility Rate Increase and Elderly Waiver Grants for Health Information Technology
Washington County HRA Clarification (A-3 Amendment)
Wireless Internet Service at Safety Rest Areas
Agriculture Policy/Food Enforcement (Second Engrossment)
Contractor Recovery Fund
Home Solicitation Sale
Bloomington TIF Extension; Central Station
Travel Insurance
Additional Aid Payments for Certain Cities
Collective Bargaining Contract Terms Expiration Provisions Clarifications
Affiliate Nexus for Sales Tax Purposes
Modifying Liquor Reporting Requirement
Miscellaneous Department of Corrections Provisions (First Engrossment)
State Procurement of Outside Contracts Restrictions Removal and Repeal
Omnibus Health Bill (Second Engrossment)
Administrative Hearings Judge Authority to Perform Marriages
BCA Suspense Files
Modifying Definition of Redeveloment District
Charter School Authorizer Provision Modifications
Child Support Judgments
Legislative Commission on United Nations Agenda 21 Establishment
Unofficial Fiscal Note Data
Child Care Support Provisions Modifications
Possession and Sale of Firearm Silencers
National Football League Private Stadium Bond Issue and Appropriation (First Engrossment)
Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances
Design-Build for Local Projects (Delete-Everything Amendment SCS2131A-1)
Department Policy and Technical Bill; Nonbudget Tax Bill (Author's Delete-Everything Amendment)
Homeowners Insurance, First Engrossment
New Payment Rate-Setting Methodologies for Home and Community-Based Waiver Services
Debt Settlement Services Agreements, First Engrossment
Fire Departments Establishment Moratorium
City of Canby; Creation of TIF District
Clearwater Local Sales Tax Modification
New Ulm School District; Transferring Funds
School Bus Safety and Standards Provisions Modifications (First Engrossment with SCS2166A-2 Amendment)
Contingent Appropriation for County and Municipal State Aids
Rochester Local Sales Tax Revenue Sharing Cities Provisions Modifications
Legislative Oversight of Met Council Budget
Industrial Loan and Thrifts
The Improved Achievement through Individualized Learning Act (First Engrossment)
Restored Pioneer Vehicle Titles and Special Plates (with SCS2202A-1 Amendment)
Medicare Certification of Nursing Facilities Changes
Critical Access Nursing Facility Designation
Rochester Lodging Tax Increase; Food and Entertainment Tax Repeal
Nursing Facility Moratorium Exception Provision
Legislative Immunity, DWI
Administrative Law Judge and Compensation Judge Mandatory Retirement Age Modification
Prekindergarten through Grade 12 education policy provisions modification
Building and Construction Contracts
Establishing Speed Limit on Marked Interstate Highway 35E
Disability Services Licensing Provisions, Home and Community-Based Services Standards, and Payment Methodologies (First Engrossment)
Hospital Futility Policy Disclosure
Public-Private Partnership Pilot Program
Adjusting State Patrol Escort Service Rates (with SCS2251A-2 Amendment)
Health Intermediary (Exchange) Principles (First Engrossment)
Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems Alternative Local Standards
Peer Provider Grouping (Delete-Everything Amendment)
Minnesota National Guard Military Award Issuance to Nonmembers Authorization
Junked Vehicles Purchaser Eligibility
Angel Investment Tax Credit Provisions Modification and Data Practices Exemption Addition
Criminal Community Notification Law Clarification
Absentee Ballot Return Envelope Modification
Sunset Commission (The Delete-Everything Amendment)
Mayoral Control of certain Metropolitan Area Special or Independent School Districts authorization (A-1 Delete-Everything amendment)
Portable Electronics Insurance, First Engrossment
Unified Personal Health Premium Accounts, Second Engrossment
Veterans preference removal hearing board appointment procedure modification
Transportation Omnibus Policy Bill (Third Engrossment)
Satellite System Installer Regulation, First Engrossment
Barber Licensing, Fees, and Regulations Modifications (Second Engrossment)
Principal Disclosure Report Modification
Real Estate Closing Agents, First Engrossment
State Agencies Budget Preparation Requirements Modifications; Statewide Outcomes Commission Establishment (As Amended by the A-3 Amendment)
Disabled Veterans State Government Noncompetitive Appointment Authorization
Department of Human Services Licensing Bill (First Engrossment)
Three Rivers Park District Member Election Requirement (Committee Engrossment)
Watershed Districts Property Acquisition (First Engrossment)
Tehnology Corporate Franchise Tax Certificate Transfer Program
Vikings Stadium (Third Engrossment)
Omnibus Liquor Bill, First Engrossment
Data Practices and Open Meeting Law (First Engrossment)
Qualified Farm and Small Business Properties Estate Tax Provisions Modification
City of Woodbury; Issuance of Bonds
Grants Management Provisions Modifications; Film Production Jobs Program Oversight
Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Rollover Provisions Conformance (As Introduced)
Authorizing Expenditures of St. Cloud TIF District
Setting 2013 Local Government Aid Payments at 2012 Amount
Historic Structure Rehabilitation Credit Modification
City of Vergas; Aggregate Materials Tax
Modification to Sex Offender Sentencing Grid Directed
Workers' Compensation Disability Benefit Payment Provisions Modifications (First Engrossment)
Gifts to Emergency Medical Services Agencies
Itasca County; Issuance of Bonds
Legislative Advisory Commission Review of Federal Fund Spending
State Government Inspections Process Establishment
Reduction of Foreign Royalty Subtraction
(H.F. 2949 - Unofficial Engrossment )Education Omnibus Bill
Minnesota GI Bill Program Expansion for Apprenticeships and On-the-Job Training
Modifying Definition of Real Property
Plan to Restructure State Health Care Programs
Omnibus Bonding Bill
Vikings Stadium
Regular Session, House Files
Omnibus Tax Bill (the Conference Committee Report)
County and Municipal Variances
Controlled Substances (Conference Committee Report)
Appropriations Reductions for Fiscal Year 2011 (The Conference Committee Report)
Omnibus Tax Bill (Conference Committee Report)
State Agency Value Initiative (SAVI) Program
Requiring Crossing Control Arms on School Buses (SCH0392A-1 Amendment)
Fire Sprinklers; Single-Family Homes
Harassment Restraining Order Jurisdiction (First Engrossment)
Recording of Certain Speed Limit Violations on Violator's Driving Record (First Engrossment)
Racino (First Unoffiial Engrossment)
Racino (First Unoffiial Engrossment)
Education Omnibus Bill
Election Administration and Districting Procedures
Omnibus Education Policy Bill (conference committee report)
Continuing Care Provisions (Second Engrossment)
First Unofficial Engrossment (UEH1467-1)(Senate Language) Castle Doctrine and Firearms Changes
Landlord and Tenant Law (First Engrossment)
Capital Improvement Appropriations and Bond Sale Authorization
Firearms Carry Authorized for County Attorneys While On Duty
Sheriff Vehicle Paint Color List Expanded (First Engrossment)
State Employee Gainsharing Program Maximum Award Increased
Using a Teacher's Subject Matter Licensure, Evaluation Outcomes and Seniority to Make Unrequested Leave of Absence, Discharge, and Demotion Decisions (Unofficial Committee Engrossment)
Honor Guard Stipends Preference Modified
Natural Resources Policy (Laws 2012, Chapter 272)
Omnibus Game and Fish (Conference Committee Report)
School Trust Land Management (Conference Committee Report - CCRHF2244B)
Health and Human Services Omnibus Bill Conference Committee Summary
Omnibus Jobs and Tax Reform Bill (Conference Committee Report)
Agriculture Policy/Food Law Enforcement (Conference Committee Report)
S.F. No. 1544 - Local Government Authority to Convey Property to Veteran Service Organizations (Second Engrossment)
Controlled Substances (Conference Committee Report)
Sunset Commission (Conference Committee Report)
Transportation Omnibus Policy Bill (Conference Committee Report)

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